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Bangla Road is world-renowned as the beating heart of Phuket's nightlife - there is nowhere else on the island which comes even close to the same high-energy party atmosphere! Most of the bars don't even open until 21:00 and it doesn't get really busy until after 23:00. While the official closing time is 02:00, the music doesn’t usually stop until much later than that – on rare occasions, not until dawn!

The road and all of its side sois are packed with nightclubs, beer bars, go-gos, touts, peddlers, street performers and much more. It is a lot to take in all at once and can be a little overwhelming, particularly when there are many customs and practices which you would not find in western party areas. The following is a collection of useful tips to help you get the most out of Phuket after dark.

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Getting around Patong Beach at night

At night, Soi Bangla turns into a pedestrianised walking street, with tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis waiting at both ends to provide a ride home. Prices are negotiable and tend to increase with the number of passengers, the distance and the lateness of the hour. Many tuk-tuks try to charge excessive and inflated rates, so it's best to check with other visitors and locals first. Always agree on the price before you get in as it's difficult to negotiate after the journey.

Both motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks can be flagged down anywhere along any of the streets. Head for Banana Disco on the Beach Road (Thaveewong Road), where most of the tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis park. At the other end of the street, you'll find plenty of transport in front of Jungceylon Shopping Centre.

Dangers and annoyances in Patong Beach

The streets of Patong are quite safe at night – safer than in many western cities. Incidences of violence against tourists are rare, though there have been cases of purse snatching and pickpocketing. In discos, it's rare to see any problems as the crowd is very international and not obsessed with drinking themselves to oblivion.

The most common visitor complaint is of harassment by local touts trying to lure people into restaurants, timeshare presentations, tailor shops or tuk-tuk tours. Ignoring these characters usually does the trick. Women are generally safe to go out at night, although exercise the same caution you would anywhere else if travelling alone at night.

Phuket Tourist Police

Dedicated to visitors’ safety, there's a Police Information Centre at the beach end of Bangla Road in Patong, just over the Beach Road. If you are the victim of a negative situation or witness an accident, just dial 1155 and speak slowly and clearly. The Tourist Police will help you.

Police Emergency: 191
Tourist Police: 1155


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