Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road

The Hottest Point of Patong's Nightlife Scene

Soi Sea Dragon is the hottest point of Patong’s nightlife scene. Recently upgraded (in 2012) by the addition of a lofty roof – highly welcome in low season – which makes it look like a huge booze-and-body emporium. The Soi is also an L-shaped link between Bangla Road and Thaweewong Road (the Beach Road) and stuck right in between the two streets, is the Kee Resort with its rooftop restaurant.

Soi Sea Dragon is a 100m long lane comprising something like 46 bars, beer bars and go-go bars, a souvenir shop, a guesthouse (good luck getting a decent night’s sleep there…), a tattoo parlour, and a hairdresser. It’s pretty obvious that Soi Sea Dragon’s character is easily summed up by four simple words: girls, girls and girls…

The central part of the Soi is dedicated to beer bars (which, by the way, also serve drinks other than beer). These bars are built in a two-storey design, and often the smaller bars located on the upper floor have nothing to do with the one downstairs. Butterfly Bar, Bangla Sexy 9 Bar, Hangover Bar, Nida’s Bar, Drinks & Dreams Bar are just a few of their names.

People-watching is the order of the day here, When a single man wanders down the lane, you can see the most vivid atavistic sights outside feeding time at Phuket Zoo with the bargirls eyeing their ‘victim’ up like a she-lion tracking a baby wildebeest lagging behind the herd. But strangely enough, there’s no harassment whatsoever, a few girls will ask him if he’d like a drink at their bar, but everything’s done in a gentle manner with a smile. You’ll find the usual bar games here – Connect 4, Jenga, and ‘nail a hammer into the log’; the ubiquitous bar bell (ring it and pay drinks for the house – you have been warned); and a lot of friendly company albeit not for free.

Oddly enough, in the heart of what some would call depravity, some of the bars have a Buddhist spirit house at which bargirls pray for a successful evening. Bar prices are standard; expect to pay about 70-80 baht for a small bottle of beer (prices of May 2013).


Soi Sea Dragon is an eclectic choice of go-go bars, beer joints, sport bars and a few related businesses – apart from a souvenir shop at the entrance of the Soi on Bangla Road – a twig of normality tossed and turned on an ocean of debauchery. Right next to the souvenir shop stands Octopus Sports & Pool bar, a two-storey drinking palace which deserves to be mentioned for its amusing ‘Husband Day-Care’ signboard hanging above the entrance door.

Soi Sea Dragon is the main place in Phuket to find go-go bars, another moniker for strip clubs, where young ladies dance half-naked (sometimes stripped to the skinnies) around poles in a suggestive way to the sound of raunchy music. The most notorious of these go-go bars answer to the name of Suzy Wong (‘Ass-smacking fun’), Exotica, Club Lover and Devil’s Playground. Note that drinks prices are slightly higher in these venues than in the beer bars, due to the fact that you can see ‘ping-pong’ and other ‘darts-throwing’ shows there.

Three businesses stand out on Soi Sea Dragon (apart from the souvenir shop): a tattoo studio – where guys can get a tough look; a hairdresser – where girls can primp up before heading to ‘the office’; and the Sea Dragon Guesthouse where a lousy night’s sleep comes guaranteed.

Summing up, Soi Sea Dragon is ‘where the action is’ in Patong Beach, and even if you’re maybe not attracted by the kind of meat trade happening there, you can have fun enjoying a drink and people-watching as it is almost like visiting a human zoo. Wasn’t it Aristotle who wrote, “Man is by nature a political animal”?

Beer bar right in front of Suzy Wong's
Beer bar right in front of Suzy Wong's
View from a bar at the second floor
View from a bar at the second floor
Sandwichboard girls
Sandwichboard girls
At the entrance of Devil's Playground
At the entrance of Devil's Playground
'Nail a hammer into the log' training
'Nail a hammer into the log' training
Beer bars on Soi Sea Dragon
Beer bars on Soi Sea Dragon

Soi Sea Dragon

Opening Hours: Daily, it starts to be lively after 22:00
Location: in the middle of Bangla Road, right after Soi Eric, coming from the beach

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