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  • Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road

    Where all the Go Go Bars are!


    Soi Sea Dragon is the hottest street in Patong’s nightlife scene. It was upgraded in 2012 with the addition of a lofty roof – highly welcome in low season – which makes it look like a huge booze-and-body emporium. Soi Sea Dragon is a 100m long lane comprising something like 46 bars (mostly beer bars and go-go bars), a souvenir shop, a guesthouse (good luck getting a decent night’s sleep there…), a tattoo parlour, and a hairdresser.

    The central part of the soi is dedicated to beer bars, which are built in an unusual two-storey design, with the smaller bars located on the upper floor often having nothing to do with the one downstairs. Butterfly Bar, Bangla Sexy 9 Bar, Hangover Bar, Nida’s Bar, Drinks & Dreams Bar are just a few of their names. The Octopus Sports & Pool Bar - a two-storey drinking palace near Bangla Road - also deserves to be mentioned for its amusing ‘Husband Day-Care’ signboard hanging above the entrance door.

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  • The staff at the beer bars are a mix of ages, though with perhaps a few more on the older side than the younger. The former, in particular, are unusually determined to get you to come and sit at their bar. While the experience varies from day to day and person to person, a man walking on his own down the street, particularly on the side closer to the beach, may have to pull himself free of their determined grasp or may just have to politely decline an offer of a drink. Everything is done with a smile, though, and responding in the same way is generally the best option. If you hope to get through unhindered, stick to the side away from the beach and avoid making eye contact with anyone!

    You’ll find the usual bar games here – Connect 4, Jenga and Jackpot – as well as some which are less common around the other nightlife hotspots in Thailand. The ‘hammer a nail into the log’ game is something of a Soi Sea Dragon specialty, and requires you to test your strength and accuracy. As with most bar games, the girls working there have the advantage of extensive experience. Each bar also has the ubiquitous brass bell - ring it and you’re paying for a round of drinks for at least the staff and possible the other customers, too. Expect to pay around 80-90 baht for a small bottle of local beer.

    Soi Sea Dragon is the main place in Phuket to find go-go bars, where young ladies dance half-naked (and sometimes even less than that) around poles, occasionally at least close to the beat of the loud music. The most notorious of these is Suzy Wong which, despite being the furthest from the Bangla Road, is still the most popular by a significant margain. This is partially because of its 99 baht Heineken beer, but mostly because of the great atmosphere, friendly girls and the amusing opportunity to harmlessly (but loudly) spank each other with foam bats.

    Other notable names on the street include Harem, Exotica, Club Lover and Devil’s Playground. Note that drinks prices are slightly higher in these venues than in the beer bars. This is because the bars have no entrance fee and you can enjoy shows at regular intervals throughout the night.

    Summing up, Soi Sea Dragon is ‘where the action is’ in Patong Beach. It is difficult to miss on the northern side of Bangla Road, opposite Soi Patong Resort. If you can make it through the gauntlet of amorous ladies, you will find a small entrance right at the back. This leads to a narrow L-shaped road, providing a link between Bangla Road and Thaweewong Road (Beach Road), with the Kee Resort, its rooftop restaurant and conveniently-located underground parking at the corner.

    Most Popular Go Go Bars in Soi Seadragon

    Suzy Wong's has already become an icon in Soi Seadragon, the hottest and most colorful street of Patong Beach and has been popular for more than a decade. The battle is fierce in Bangla to invite by passers to have a look inside and have a good time, but Suzy Wong's, despite being at the very end on the lane has always been more eye catchy than any other bar. With the chinese red lanterns, the rickshaw and the staff wearing Chinese dresses, you can't miss it anyway. Read More...

    Devil's Playground is the most creative Go Go Bars in Patong and by far on of the nicest. Located in Soi Seadragon just off Soi Bangla, you will have no problem spotting i with it's cave like entrance guarded by some hot devilish girls. Don't be shy and get inside, as almost all Go Go bars in Phuket prices are fix and clearly indicated on the menu. If you are not sure, don't be afraid to enter and have a look. If you are not satisfied with what you see, just leave, no one with harass you. Read More...

    Harem A Go Go is one of the best and most luxurious go-go bars in Patong. Built in what used to be Candy Club, it has been completely redesigned to create a tasteful and really comfortable place. The central stage and surrounding platforms are well lit and can accommodate up to 12 girls, many of whom are rather prettier than those of other bars. Despite the plush red velvet sofas, fancy decoration and general appearance of a high-price venue, the drinks prices are the same as any other bars around and entrance is free. The girls are friendly, fun and attentive so it's a great place to party alone or Read More...

    • Beer bar right in front of Suzy Wong's
    • View from a bar at the second floor
    • Sandwichboard girls
    • At the entrance of Devil's Playground
    • 'Nail a hammer into the log' training
    • Beer bars on Soi Sea Dragon

    Soi Sea Dragon

    • Opening Hours: starts to get lively after 22:00
    • Location: off Bangla Road, opposite Soi Patong Resort, Patong
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