The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort & Spa


The Paradise Koh Yao


Here at the Spa we have relaxation for your body and rest for your spirit. Come and renew yourself with us. Our expert spa therapists are dedicated to your health and comfort. We use only natural ingredients in our herbal steam sauna and during your massage therapy and treatments.

When making your appointment, our spa manager will help you choose just the right spa treatments for your needs and your health. Be sure to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment begins so you can enjoy our Aromatic Steam Cave and Exotic Waterfall with Rock Pool and Jacuzzi. These are built right into the natural rock formation of our resort and provide a unique Thai Herbal Steam Treatment.

Our guests have their spa treatments in an open sala area set into the hillside overlooking Phang Nga Bay. Spa rooms are open but covered with roofing. Bamboo curtains are used throughout to assure your privacy.


Facial treatments are made up of various compositions resulting in a unique facial experience. These facials are designed to pamper and enhance the beauty, texture and appearance of the skin.

The best, high-quality products have been carefully selected to suit your delicate and precious skin. 


A body massage is a therapy that will bring you multi-level benefits. The first and foremost benefit is the significant relief from stress. In addition, it helps to maintain flexibility, reduces the chance of injuries, improves alertness and re-energizes the body and mind. Further, a body massage provides greater alertness and productivity. 

Body Scrubs

The feeling of relaxation, serenity, beauty, health and comfort is an experience received from these healthy and beautifying body treatments. 

Body Wraps
Herbal Steam

Our tropical outdoor spa uses only natural herbal ingredients in its herbal steam sauna or during individual massage therapy or treatments. Guests enjoy our spa treatments on sala set into the hillside overlooking Phang Nga Bay.

The Paradise Spa rock fits in perfectly with the tropical feeling of the resort and serves as an excellent landmark— it’s easy to find the spa! With the steam room integrated in the rock, you will experience a unique Thai Herb Steam Treatment. The Waterfall with the Rock-Pool and integrated Jacuzzi complement this unique experience.

Spa rooms are open but covered with roofing. Bamboo curtains are used throughout to provide privacy and preserve the resort's open feeling.


Here at Paradise Koh Yao, we practice a general hatha style of yoga. Mornings are usually an energized vinyasa flow yoga with a more relaxed stretch class in the evenings. The classes are suitable for everyone from beginner yogis to advanced practitioners. No previous experience is necessary.

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