10 Best Local Spas in Phuket

Best independent spas located outside hotels

While many of the best spas in Phuket are found in the five-star hotels all around the island, there are also a great many independent massage parlours and full-service spas to choose from. Having a Thai massage while you are here in Thailand is practically essential as you will never find a better masseuse than a well-trained and experienced local. The question which crosses the minds of many visitors, therefore, is ‘which of the seemingly limitless choice of spas is the best in Phuket?’.

For the best hotel-based treatments, you should check out our list of the top spa resorts and, while these are certainly excellent, they offer a different experience when compared to a dedicated spa run purely for the sake of providing total relaxation. There are hundreds to choose from, but the majority are very low quality, potentially causing way more stress than they are supposed to relieve! There’s no need to panic, though – just check out our list of the best spas in Phuket for absolute relaxation guaranteed.

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Siladon Spa Phuket

Set in a stunning Thai-style teak house in verdant grounds, it is quite a surprise that Siladon Spa is not a hotel retreat! It is certainly big enough and has amazingly luxurious facilities, including a swimming pool, private massage rooms with outdoor showers. The range of signature spa treatments features everything from aromatherapy massages and body scrubs to herbal ball compresses and facials, with prices starting at 3,800 baht for a two-hour treatment and buy-one-get-one-free promotions available. Read More...

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Oasis Turquoise Cove Spa

Part of a Thailand-based brand of award-winning spas, Turquoise Cove is the fourth and finest Oasis Spa to open in Phuket. Featuring a choice of individual treatment rooms around a central pool, it has a cool Moroccan look with traditional Thai touches, a steam room, deep-soak baths and outdoor rain showers. The choice of treatments and packages is extensive and range from a simple one-hour Thai massage for 1,000 baht up to the two-and-a-half-hour signature Siamese Therapeutic Wisdom package for 4,600 baht, featuring aspects of various disciplines and treatments. Read More...

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Santosa Detox and Wellness Center Kata Beach
Santosa Detox and Wellness Center

The Santosa Detox and Wellness Center offers accommodation to help maximise your relaxation in Phuket with a full retreat. They also have a vegan restaurant and a choice of fitness and yoga classes and, of course, a full-service spa. Combining traditional techniques like Thai massages and Ayurveda therapy with modern methods and technologies, their signature packages take detoxification and easing the body and mind very seriously. Prices start from 400 baht for a 30-minute traditional back, neck and shoulder massage up to 2,200 baht for a 90-minute Shirodhara treatment, which is extremely rare in Thailand.

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De Surin Health Spa Surin Beach
De Surin Health Spa

Located on the upper floor of Surin Plaza, De Surin is a small but chic spa with a selection of three-hour signature packages. These start at 2,300 baht for “Siam Serenity” (including an aromatherapy hot oil massage, a Thai herbal facial and a foot treatment) and go up to 4,500 baht for the Luxury treatment, featuring De Surin’s special bamboo massage. Using a warmed hollow bamboo cane in the manner of a rolling pin, this treatment gives a deeper, firmer massage experience. Each component of the packages is available separately (including the bamboo massage, which costs 2,200 baht for 90 minutes) and the spa also offers nail care.

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Let’s Relax Spa Patong Beach
Let’s Relax Spa

Another well-established and award-winning franchise of spas around Thailand, Let’s Relax has two outlets in Phuket, both of them in Patong. They offer a good choice of experiences, specialising in Thai techniques from simple back and shoulder massages up to body scrubs and wraps, as well as the signature Aromatic Hot Stone Massage for 2,200 baht. Special packages are available for as much as 3.5 hours of complete relaxation in the contemporary Thai surroundings. Read More...

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De Flora Spa Patong Beach
De Flora Spa

A luxurious escape right in the middle of bustling Patong, De Flora offers a full range of pampering, particularly if you include a trip to the a nail studio. Their spa treatments range from the traditional Thai massages and reflexology foot massages to specialist sports massages, four-hand oil massages and hot stone treatments. All of these and more can be enjoyed in chic contemporary surroundings with traditional touches in a Sino-Portuguese-style building reminiscent of Old Phuket Town. Prices ranging from about 200 to 1,700 baht.

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5-Star Massage Patong Beach
5-Star Massage

Providing a range of traditional spa and beauty treatments in a comfortable modern setting in the centre of Patong, 5-Star offers some unique options not widely available around Phuket, including the ear candle (60 minutes - 800 baht) for naturally drawing out excess wax, a lymphatic drainage massage for detoxifying and reducing water retention (60 minutes – 800 baht) and a collagen golden facial featuring an innovate gold-coloured face mask (60 minutes – 1,000 baht). They also have many of the more traditional treatments available, generally in a two-tier price structure for either the standard or private/VIP treatment rooms. Read More...

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Orientala Spa Patong Beach
Orientala Spa

There are four of these compact yet comprehensive spas in Patong, where you can enjoy a small selection of massages and treatments. Although the choices are limited to Thai, sport, aroma, scrub, foot and back/shoulder massages, the quality of both the setting and the masseuses is much higher than you will find in the budget massage shops around Phuket. Naturally, this also means that the prices are higher than such places, though Orientala is still affordable, with their signature 150-minute package of body scrub, Thai massage, aromatherapy massage and foot massage costing just 2,300 baht.

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Sweet Lemongrass Massage Patong Beach
Sweet Lemongrass Massage

Despite being a very small operation far from the beach, Sweet Lemongrass’ reputation is outstanding. Their massages are excellent and their signature packages are astonishingly cheap for what you get from them. They start at a simple two-hour rejuvenation (natural oil massage and facial) for 750 baht and go right up to a four-hour “rebirth” (body scrub, body wrap, blended aromatherapy massage and facial) for 2,100 baht. So great has the shop’s success been, they have now opened a second outlet closer to the city centre.

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Oriental Massage & Spa Kata Beach
Oriental Massage & Spa

Now with eight outlets around Phuket, Oriental Spa has a clean, modern Thai look and a good selection of treatments. While their choice of massages is fairly basic, with a couple of standouts like the coconut oil massage or milky cream massage (both one hour for 500 baht), their facials are extensive, with even the basic course featuring cleansing, hot ozone steaming, herbal scrubs, massages, honey and yoghurt masks and more (one hour for 550 baht). There is also some innovation in the body scrubs, with coffee, coconut and jasmine rice alongside the traditional Thai herbal option (all one hour for 800 baht).

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