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  • 5 Best Pool Resorts in Phuket

    Discover the Biggest Hotel Pools in Phuket

    What is better than lazing in a swimming pool in a tropical paradise like Phuket? A calmer, cleaner and safer alternative to taking a dip in the sea, you can maybe swim a length or two if you’re feeling energetic, take a seat at a swim-up bar if you’re feeling thirsty or just float around in the water if you want to relax and cool off from an intensive sunbathing session. Younger members of the family will always have fun playing in the pool and the deeper ones are also great training grounds if you are learning to scuba dive.

    Pools are very popular, though, and a busy small pool can seriously cramp your style. So, to make sure that you always have space to spread your water wings and enjoy yourself in peace and comfort, we’ve drawn up a list of the 5 Biggest Hotel Pools in Phuket. 

  • The lagoon pool of Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is not just big for Phuket – at over 4,900 sqm, it is amongst the biggest freeform pools in all of Southeast Asia. Well deserving the comparison to a lagoon, the giant body of water compliments the resort’s natural surroundings. There are also some mysterious corners to explore, with cascading waterfalls, bridges, Thai sculptures and beautiful tropical gardens to find. Fully supervised, it has facilities for water polo, shallower areas for kids, sunbeds and pool access suites. Read More...

    Pool Size: 4,900 sqm

    Despite looking like one giant pool, Le Méridien Phuket Beach Resort actually has two, each with a distinct atmosphere to it. The larger of the two forms a lagoon around the breakfast buffet restaurant. It is 60m long, 90m wide and very deep in parts, so it is not that unusual to see trainee divers exploring the area under the restaurant. Not far away is a shallower free-form pool which, with its two Jacuzzi sections, is ideal for parents and children. This seamlessly blends into the 26.5m lap pool, which is also pretty deep. Don’t worry about safety, though – the lifeguards on staff are all trained to the Australian gold standard. Read More...

    Pool Size: 60m long, 90m wide

    Of the three pools at the Duangjit Resort & Spa in Patong, the first two are not especially impressive. The third, however, is so big that it has an island in the middle. Over 100m long and about 60m across at its widest point, it has a poolside bar which also serves snacks and is ringed with sun loungers and umbrellas. It is not just set in the hotel’s 36 acres of lovingly landscaped gardens – the large island is an integral part of it, playing host to a natural garden Read More...

    Pool Size: 100m long and about 60m across


    If you’re planning to swim ‘a couple of lengths’ of the Angsana Laguna Phuket swimming pool, you might need to cancel any plans you had for the afternoon first. At 323m across, it could take you a while! The only reason it doesn’t rank higher on our list of the 5 Biggest Hotel Pools in Phuket is because its freeform design consists of three large bodies of water with connecting channels, mirroring the lagoon the hotel is situated amongst. There is even a slight current in places, allowing you to effortlessly drift from one pool to the next. Other features include an artificial beach, water polo nets, shallower areas for the kids and a couple of poolside dining options. Read More...

    Pool Size: 323m across

    At a total area of 3,880 sqm, you would expect to find Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa - which is located on the southern outskirts of the city, close to Tri Trang Beach - higher up our rankings, but that number is divided into three large individual pools, each over a square kilometre in size. Each has a small archipelago of tiny garden islands. One is especially for the kids and is universally shallow, featuring a water fountain and a slide. The second has a swim-up bar. The third has pool access suites, a three-storey waterfall and sun loungers on the islands, which can be reached using footbridges. Read More...

    Pool Size: 3,880 sqm

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