Baan Kanom Thai in Phuket

‘Thai Desserts House’ in Phuket City

Baan Kanom Thai (meaning ‘Thai Desserts House’) is known as one of the busiest lunch outlets for people who live and work in and around Phuket City. It is popular for its khao raat kang (plain rice topped with food) as well as the biggest choice of Thai traditional sweets on the island.

In the old days, many Thai desserts originated and were kept within the confines of the royal kitchen and only a limited number of commoners could get their hands on them. That’s not the case anymore.

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Khao raat kaeng is a hard to beat for Thai ‘fast food’. It's convenient and affordable for all walks of life and an answer for the new lifestyle of islanders whose time and money are precious and can’t be wasted. Khao raat kaeng at Baan Kanom Thai is pretty much similar to the style of eatery you will find in Bangkok and around central Thailand. Simply look at the food counter and check out what’s available that day. It usually features some spicy food and a few none spicy ones for the balance. Five recommended dishes are:

  • Pad pet pla duke – stir-fried catfish with spicy red curry
  • Kang keaw waan – green chicken curry (best to have it with kanom jeen or fresh rice noodles)
  • Paad tua ngog – stir-fried soy bean sprouts
  • Tom jud kradook moo – mild soup with vegetables and pork
  • Palow moo – Pork soup with five Chinese spices/herbs and eggs

You can choose a few items and have them buffet style, on a single plate. Or it’s even better to have them each on a separate plate and enjoy them with rice. The latter will be more expensive, of course. It’s a perfect idea if you arrive as a group.

Many of Baan Kanom Thai’s customers prefer this restaurant based on the fact that they can enjoy the classic sweets after their meal. On top of the huge variety, these desserts are also good looking and delicious. Some must-try items are:

  • Khao niew ma muang – Sweet sticky rice with mango
  • Kanom chan – Layered sweet cake
  • Lod chong – Pandan-flavoured rice flour noodles in sweet coconut milk
  • Bua loi – Thai rice balls in warm coconut milk
  • Gluay buat chee – Bananas in coconut milk

Be aware, however, that these desserts have a high cholesterol level.

Some of the most popular Thai sweets were invented during the period of King Narai the Great (1656-1688) and were influenced by western cuisine. Such items include thong yim (pinched gold egg yolks) and thong yod (gold egg yolks drops) that were influenced by the Portuguese.

There is a famous term in Thai ‘maebaan tung plastic’ which means ‘a plastic bag housewife’. It refers to the fact that there are a high number of housewives who prefer to take khao raat kang home instead of cooking as the food vendors usually use plastic bags as containers.

Baan Kanom Thai

  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sat from 06:00 – 16:00
  • Location: City Home Village Soi 5, on Ruam Pattana Road, Phuket Town
  • Tel: +66 (0)76 240 717
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