Baba IKI at Sri Panwa Phuket

Fine Japanese Cuisine in Cape Panwa

Baba IKI at Sri Panwa Phuket offers as authentic and luxurious a taste of the increasingly popular fare of the Land of the Rising Sun as you are ever likely to find in Phuket. Opened in January 2015, it is the pride of the Sri Panwa Phuket resort and greatly benefit’s from the hotel’s high quality and attention to detail, as well as its stunning location.

The really impressive feature of Baba IKI is that all of the ingredients are imported straight in, mostly from Japan. This ensures that they really do serve Japanese cuisine, instead of a local adaptation. Naturally, this does nudge the price up a little, but it is absolutely worth it for such extraordinary high quality.

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This is most evident with the Sashimi Delight (1,800 baht). The salmon, in particular, is fresh and flavoursome and comes in the form of great slabs of tender meat. It is served alongside tasty Toro (tuna belly), the highly-appreciated Hamachi (Japanese yellowtail), Akami (top loin of Bluefin tuna), Ikura (salmon roe), Hokkigai (surf clam), Ama-ebi (pink shrimp) and the slightly chewy Tako (octopus). It is almost difficult to believe that a single dish could contain so many prized pieces of seafood.

The rest of the menu at Baba IKI reads like a recipe for ‘Luxury Pie’ and includes the very best ingredients, such as Hida and Waygu beef, Flying Fish, Quail eggs, Shitake mushrooms, Australian tenderloin and Canadian lobster. These are available in various preparations, such as Wagyu Kare Raisu (Japanese curry rice bowl dish - 1,080 baht), Hida Yakitori (prime beef on skewers – 350 baht) and Lobster Teppenyaki (grilled in the open kitchen – 1,200 baht).

The décor has certain traditional Japanese touches (including the sushi bar where the chef puts on a live performance while preparing the dainty dishes), but also makes a significant nod to the tropical surroundings the restaurant is set in, with the main table and other features seemingly fashioned from driftwood. Views out across the busy sea lanes of the Andaman Sea from the outside terrace are quite spectacular – but do book in advance to secure one of these in-demand spots.

Everybody knows that the Japanese love their Sake, so no surprises that this is the primary base of all of Baba IKI’s 368-baht-cocktails. Add some Midori, mint, lime and soda, though, and you have a Sake Mojito. Alternatively, add Blue Curacao, mango, lychee and lime and you have the extremely fruity and highly recommended Liquid Emerald. You can also enjoy soft drinks, beers, and a small selection of Japanese liquors.

Being a hotel restaurant, it is natural to expect hotel prices. Sri Panwa Phuket also restricts vehicle access, so you will have to park yours in the car park near the entrance and a free tuk tuk service will take you up to the restaurant. However, both the cost and the short and pleasant extra journey to this somewhat out-of-the-way restaurant are well worth it.

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Baba IKI at Sri Panwa Phuket

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
  • Location: Sri Panwa Phuket, Cape Panwa
  • Tel: +66 (0)7 637 1000
  • Cuisine: Japanese
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