Soi Crocodile on Bangla Road - Patong

Soi Katoey in Phuket's Most Famous Nightlife Area


Soi Crocodile is also known as “Soi Katoey” because it has by far the greatest concentration of transvestite and transsexual hostesses on Bangla Road. This peculiarity makes the soi one of the most popular in Patong, keeping it lively even on weekday nights in the low season! It equally attracts those looking for love or just a good laugh with the outrageously flamboyant staff. It is also a good place to start for those curious to experience this most famous and unusual aspect of Thai nightlife.

The bright signage, with built-in LED screens, at the entrance to this side road now names the street as “Soi Chino Dance Patong”, but once bore the name the long-since closed D Club Crocodile, which gave the street its old name. While the premium advertising space is now owned by Chino Dance Patong, the majority of locals still use the name Soi Crocodile.

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Regardless of the name, it is still the Moulin Rose Cabaret Show, right at the back of the soi, which gives this 40 metres of bar-lined walkway its reputation. Not to be confused with the Moulin Rouge Russian Go Go Bar at the opposite end of Bangla Road, this ladyboy extravaganza is fun and professional, but shows its age with the stage designs and lighting systems, putting it a league or two below the likes of Simon Cabaret. The talented dancers can often be seen and (for a small cost) posed with for photographs at the entrance to the soi before their performances at 19:30 and 21:30. Their large, colourful, flamboyant costumes and generally only asking for a couple of hundred baht per picture has made this probably the most photographed part of Bangla Road.

The cabaret show isn’t the only place on Soi Crocodile where you can see dancing ladyboys. There are tables and small stages set up down the middle of the wide soi, where hostesses from the bars climb up to strut their stuff to the house and dance music.

It is impossible to list each of the bars on Soi Crocodile; not because there are so many, though this is one of the parts of Bangla Road where they are very tightly packed, but because they are prone to change at a moment’s notice as, indeed, is the entire street’s name. One long-lasting bastion of the road, however, is the two-storey Happy Night Bar, which dominates the left-hand side of the entrance. Curiously enough, this bar defies the rest of the soi by mostly employing females.

With its fun and lively atmosphere, drinks at the Bangla Road average cost of about 80 baht for a small beer, and the slightly incongruous sight of a large and well-respected ‘spirit house’ just outside the cabaret show, Soi Chino Dance Patong/Soi Crocodile/Soi Katoey is generally packed any time after 22:00 every night.

Soi Crocodile

  • Opening Hours: Bars usually open at about 20:00 but don’t expect to see a crowd before 22:00
  • Location: Bangla Road, between Soi Gonzo and Soi Freedom, opposite Blue Lotus Bar
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