Barefoot Beach Shack in Phuket

Shabby Chic Restaurant on Patong Beach

Barefoot Beach Shack is now permanently closed.

Barefoot Beach Shack certainly makes a refreshing change from the tourist restaurants that surround it. Pretty much all of its furniture, décor and artwork is made up of recycled wood, driftwood, old material and textiles

This beachside restaurant and bar is largely the work of John Underwood, a Phuket-based designer admired for his innovative design of Indigo Pearl Resort which retains a striking Industrial Chic theme throughout.

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Barefoot Beach Shack certainly makes a refreshing change from the boring formulaic tourist restaurants that surround it. Pretty much all of its furniture, décor and artwork is made up of recycled wood, driftwood, old material and textiles. You can relax on patchwork sofas with incongruous patterns on them or eat at turquoise tables beneath at least 18 whirring and highly colourful ceiling fans hung from a painted corrugated iron interior roof. On the walls are African and North American Indian masks while over to one side is a beaten-up old piano with no keys that is apparently used for live music. Old latticework doors face the sea and the only concession to modernity is an unplugged 40” TV screen in a corner.

Even the menu is odd. It may be the stereotypical photo menu you run into quite a lot in Patong but it appears to come from a totally different establishment. Maybe Barefoot Beach Shack actually was a restaurant called Sole Mio in another life but there’s nothing else around from which to order except from the Sole Mio menu with more than 70 choices of international, Thai and vegetarian dishes.

One word of advice: Don’t come to eat here if you’re any way shape or form in a hurry. We order a club sandwich (180 baht) and a tuna salad (120 baht) and wait. Then we wait some more, noticing that only one other table has ordered. After a while we glance at our watches (not a good idea here) and decide to wait a while more (no choice really) then decide to alleviate the situation by strolling a little through the surrounding tropical pines. But what if the food comes while we’re away? So back we go to the table and wait. After roughly 40 minutes the food arrives in the form of a club sandwich and… a tuna sandwich.

Still, you can do your shopping here. Well, at least your shopping comes to you in the form of vendors flogging knockoff Ray-Bans, sarongs, hammocks, handicrafts, manicure sets, false flowers, and whatever else takes your fancy. Barefoot Beach Shack gets quite busy of an evening, especially if there’s live music, but it makes you wonder how the service can keep up with a crowd if it has difficulty tending to four orders of largely pre-prepared food. At any rates it’s a fun place to pass the time in and a good sundowner venue (get there early, for obvious reasons…) and the ambience is just great if you don’t mind the vendors and the time factor.

Barefoot Beach Shack

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 24:00
  • Location: Next to The Beach Restaurant by Loma park Patong Beach
  • Tel: +66 (0)89 697 2337
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