The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket

Real Room Escape Game in Patong Beach

The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket is now permanently closed.

The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket is the second real-life ‘room escape’ game to open in Thailand (after Escape Hunt in Bangkok). Growing in popularity across the world, room escape games offer players a fun way to escape reality and use their intelligence in a practical way.

The rules are simple: a group of four people are ‘locked’ in a room and have to find their way out by using various objects and clues in their environment. In less than one hour players have to successfully solve a certain number of puzzles opening a succession of rooms, until the final exit door opens and lets them free.

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Playing a real room escape game is like being dropped into the middle of a movie scene: from one room to another you might feel like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and then Sean Connery or Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment. Challenging and smart, The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket promises an exciting day-out with family or friends. It’s open to everyone although children under 13 years old require parental supervision.

The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket hosts a total three themed-rooms: Mermaid of Songkhla (minimum two persons), Temple of Ganesha (minimum four persons), and King Naresuan’s Tomb (minimum four persons). Within each of these themed-rooms there is a series of smaller rooms, often three to four, in which players have to successively open and make their way through in order to escape. Solving the different puzzles along the way requires input from each member of the team as different problems demand different ways of thinking creatively.

The décor and scenery in each room is well designed and thought out, and the game is always under computer control (it automatically opens the doors when players have solved an enigma) and under the supervision of a game master who follows the team’s progression through CCTV. During the game, participants can ask for the game master’s help a maximum of two times in case they really get stuck on a problem.

After the game, participants can share their experiences around a drink at The Chamber of Secrets Bar & Café, a stylish and cozy venue with mini-table football and other games. To sum up, The Chamber of Secrets is a great way to enjoy an afternoon in Phuket with friends or family by playing a challenging and fun game that requires logic, team spirit, attention to detail and open-minded ways of thinking.

The Chamber of Secrets

  • Opening Hours: daily from 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: On Rat-U-Thit Road at the third floor of Patong Promenade
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