Diamond Beach Club in Phuket

Trendy & Classy Venue at Surin Beach

Diamond Beach Club on Surin is permanently closed

Diamond Beach Club on Surin Beach is an elegant and spacious addition to the ever-growing list of Phuket’s beach clubs.

Directly on the north end of the beach and facing westward, it has the perfect setting and facilities for afternoon and early evening lounging and after the sun sets here, the slinky and trendy atmosphere of this 300-seater only gets cooler.

Descend a grandiose concrete staircase into another world where everything is writ large: With a purple colour theme, stylish faux-hyacinth seating (sporting purple cushions of course), discreet lighting and a non-imposing and up-to-date sound track as well as live DJs, it’s hard to say whether Diamond is more attractive at night or during the day but it’s a safe bet to state that it’s certainly one of Phuket’s most eye-catching beach club setups at any time or hour.

There’s also a central bar covered by a huge white canvas awning – one of the biggest on the island, 100 beach beds, lots of well-spaced seating, and both al-fresco and air-conditioned interior dining.

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The menu leans towards what Diamond terms as ‘beach bites’, but you’d be mistaken to presume that this means sandwiches and fries with a Coke or at best a beer to the side. For a start, Bruno Nicollini, the Italian executive chef, has a Michelin star for his restaurant ‘Senzanome’ in Belgium and his food preparation is exemplary.

A humble Caesar salad is transformed into a visual and gastronomic wonder at his hand and even phad thai, the simplest of Thai dishes, is a feast of flavours and colour – the tamarind sauce and lime complementing each other like dance partners.

Other notable dishes are poleta valespruda – roasted poussin with spices and garlic, a juicy and hearty beef sirloin served with black pepper sauce, spaghetti served with pork cheeks, and a range of pizzas and pastas including a Chiang Mai sausage pizza – a cheeky mix of culinary culture.

But perhaps what Diamond Beach Club does best is cocktails: The house long island tea has a kick that is unmistakable, while the vodka martini is perfectly mixed. It’s obvious that the barman here has been trained to perfection and is a real cool artist in his own right (he even wears sunglasses as he shakes and mixes). And it doesn’t stop there: you can enjoy a range of ‘mocktails’ here, using the freshest ingredients and wild ideas that turn out startlingly well. There’s also a walk-in wine cellar with labels going for as little as 800 baht a bottle and an experienced sommelier.

In summary, Diamond is a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line beach club. Expect to be impressed with a myriad of clever and thoughtful touches, effects, economical deals and offers as well as friendly and smart staff members. Yes, to state the obvious, Diamond’s a jewel.

Diamond Beach Club

  • Location: At the northern end of Surin Beach
  • Tel: +66 (0)76 386 550, +66 (0)76 386 597
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