Escape Hunt Phuket

Fun and challenging live escape game

Escape Hunt Phuket is a fun and challenging live escape game in which players step back to the end of the 19th Century to take the role of Sherlock Holmes and solve the series of puzzles against the clock that will lead to free them from the room they are locked in. Located diagonally opposite Tiger Kingdom on the Kathu side of Patong Beach (600m from the mountain’s foot) this exciting activity opened in August 2014.

Escape Hunt Phuket features eight game rooms for groups of two to five players (playing alone is not as fun), including two similar rooms allowing participants to compete against another team in the exact same conditions. If you are a bit tired with the beach or in case of a rainy day, Escape Hunt is the ideal activity to shake your brain’s cells and challenge yourself with friends or family in this thrilling game.

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Upon your arrival at Escape Hunt Phuket, you are introduced to your game-master who will follow you from outside the room through video cameras all along the game. The goal of the game is, first, to find out who committed the crime, and second, get out from the room as quickly as possible (the clock’s tickling).

To do so, you have to hunt for clues (objects, keys, cards, codes, and more) by thoroughly searching the room you are in; the interest of this game is that it is a real team game as everyone has a different approach to a problem; it is very useful (if not necessary) to benefit from these different ways of thinking in a way to progress steadily in the game. In case you are stuck, you have the possibility to get some help from your game-master (just wave in front of the video camera): he/she will then come and give you a hint which will cost you one additional minute to your final time (a wall of fame with the fastest teams is hanging near the reception).

Escape Hunt Phuket obviously wants to keep the details of the game as secret as possible (surprise is part of the game) so we can’t tell you too much apart that the 19th century décor and atmosphere are pretty well recreated, and that it is fun yet challenging to be Sherlock Holmes even for only one hour.

After the game, you can relax, have a drink and talk about the experience with your friends in the cosy lobby decorated in the same theme; you also have to dress up with Sherlock Holmes’ hat and scarf for a cool photo opportunity, perfect souvenirs of your passage at Escape Hunt Phuket.

Escape Hunt Phuket

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Escape Hunt Phuket

Escape Hunt Phuket

Escape Hunt Phuket is a fun and challenging live escape game in which players step back to the end of the 19th Century Read More...

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