Hanuman World Phuket

Eco Adventure Park near Phuket Town

Hanuman World Phuket is an exciting yet extremely safe treetop ziplining adventure just to the west of Phuket Town. With 16 thrilling lines up to 400 metres in length, dodging between huge and ancient trees in dense hillside jungle, it is a great way for families and thrill-seekers to get close to nature without risking either your own safety or that of the trees around you.

Opened in March 2016, the large adventure park also features a sky walk, allowing you to traverse the forest canopy at a rather more sedate pace, stopping to look at the remarkable wild trees and plant life around you. The walk leads to a large platform with a trampoline-like sun bed and a bar for trying out different local fruits and their juices. There is also a "roller zipline" which traverses the whole park at high speed in one long, twisting line.

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There are 30 platforms placed high in the trees of Hanuman World Phuket, but placed in such a way as to protect the tree itself from any serious damage. Wooden supports hold the steel ziplines securely in place without them rubbing the bark off the tree trunk and killing it. How many of those platforms you visit depends on the package you purchase from the almost Jurassic Park-like reception building, which has a first-rate restaurant adjoining.

The packages available are World A (all 30 platforms, 16 ziplines, three abseil points, three sky bridges and two spiral staircases) for 2,700 baht per person, World B (15 platforms, nine ziplines, three abseil points, one sky bridge and one spiral staircase) for 1,900 baht or World C (Seven platforms, three ziplines, two abseil points and one staircase) for 1,500 baht. The full journey is highly recommended as it allows you to explore the entire 80,000sqm forest, including the longer of the ziplines and the tallest of the abseils, which is a 40m drop from one of the oldest trees in the whole park.

Safety is taken impressively seriously at Hanuman World Phuket. Despite their effortless confidence on the platforms and ziplines, the friendly and fun guides still follow the rules very strictly. At no point are you or they not connected to a safety cable, ensuring that you will never fall far if you slip on the well-maintained platforms. Even when a guide just needed to reach around some of us when we were trying out the course, he still hooked first onto the back of one of us, then onto a support wire, then to another guest, then back to the safety cable, so he was always connected to the tree by at least one carabiner.

The safety equipment is also high-quality, mostly of European manufacture and well-maintained. You will be fitted with a full harness and helmet, with great care taken over getting a set which fits you comfortably and correctly. Harnesses are available for quite a lot of different body sizes, from writers well over 180cm tall to small and quite skinny children as young as six. The harness also has a bottle of water fastened to it, which comes in handy because, even if you take a morning tour, the temperature rises fast and you will sweat a lot.

Hanuman World

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00
  • Location: Off Rural Road 4010, just south of Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Town
  • Tel: +66 (0)81 979 2332
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