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  • Khantoke Restaurant in Phuket

    Northern Thai Dining in Avista Phuket Resort Kata Beach


    Khantoke in Avista Phuket Resort and Spa, Kata Beach is named after a northern Thai and Lao custom of communal dining that involves serving several dishes on an ornate pedestal tray. This unique method of enjoying mouth-watering dishes is not only outrageously colourful but also a relaxed yet intimate way of sharing one of life’s most enjoyable aspects – good food and drink.

    Khantoke at Avista is an innovative rooftop arrangement that comprises beautifully crafted low teakwood tables, ‘mon’ triangular floor cushions, teakwood ‘salas’ or gazebos and soft traditional lighting. It’s all very Lanna – northern Thai and the food served here is based on royal Thai cuisine, which goes in heavily for attractive food presentation and complementing dishes.

  • At approximately 150sqm Khantoke is compact, with four salas at each of its corners and two parallel lines of teak tables. The salas are intended for couples while the tables can handle up to eight diners at a time. The cheerful sound of the resort’s waterfall can be heard above piped-in traditional music and clever mist-dispensing fans as well as fascinating open-air conditioning units are placed near diners so things here are kept cool in more ways than one.

    Wait staff members wear period Thai costumes and there is a food display at the entrance – all pretty unique in Phuket: it’s like experiencing a slice of northern Thailand with the added bonus of being a ten-minute stroll from Kata Beach.

    Of course, the food is the star turn at Khantoke and it’s pretty sensational to say the least: There are four extensive set menus, each with a varied array of mouth-watering dishes. The four are, in turn, Sukhothai; Ayutthaya; Lanna, and Siwichai. We plump for the Lanna selection which consists of Thai-style crab cake served in its shell, tom kha gai – coconut broth with chicken, charcoal-grilled prawns served with spicy Thai sauce, stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, along with stir-fried veggies with oyster sauce.

    Seasonal fruits or dessert of the day is also part of the deal that comes in at 800 baht ++ per diner. As mentioned, the food presentation is extremely attractive and each dish skillfully complements each other yet remains intrinsically individual in character. Clever stuff; oh, and there’s a ‘free-flow’ arrangement of both fluffy rice and brown rice the whole of the evening.

    And now to the tricky part: what to drink with Thai food? Well, that may depend on how spicy you prefer your dishes – and incidentally Khantoke will accommodate your spiceometer so if you’d like it hot and spicy just let the staff know and you’ll be looked after – but generally speaking beer can be too filling with rice dishes and red wine is sometimes too heavy. So maybe a crisp white or a rosé is the best idea.

    We choose a New Zealand rosé from the impressive international wine list and it effortlessly spans the taste gap. To sum up: Khantoke is a uniquely Thai experience that doesn’t compromise – something many holiday destination restaurants are all too often guilty of. For a great evening out surrounded by Thai culture, food, and hospitality Khantoke certainly takes some beating.

    • Charcoal-grilled Prawns
    • Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts
    • Thai-style Crab Cake
    • Tom Kha Gai

    Khantoke Restaurant in Avista Phuket Resort

    • Opening Hours: Daily 18:00 - 22:30
    • Location: First floor (above En Vogue Restaurant) in Avista Phuket Resort and Spa, Kata Beach
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