Lemongrass House

The Ultimate in Feel-Good Shopping

For one of the most unusual and pleasant shopping experiences on the island, head to Lemongrass House along Srisoonthorn Road near Cherng Talay. You’ll see what appear to be stacked yellow-painted shipping containers with a big ‘Lemongrass House’ sign out front.

This is largely because they in fact are shipping containers converted into a cool, scent-laden shop packed with homemade scents, soaps, after-sun gels, body scrubs, candles, aromatic room sprays, essential oils, anti-stretch mark oils, organic teas, baby powder, and a whole catalogue of lovingly handmade products, including a children’s range.

Owner Bobby Duchowny tested his products at Bangkok’s humungous Chatuchak Market some 15 years ago and brought the idea to Phuket a few years later. Presently, Lemongrass House has 18 outlets (the other Phuket branch is in Surin).

Lemongrass only sells fresh products guaranteed to have been ‘alive’ within the past three months and works with farmers all over the country with some 45 distillation machines. Bobby explains that he uses 150 scents (with 35 essential oils coming from Thailand).

But just who buys these products? “Everyone!” he laughs, “Everyone needs a shower!”

The bulk of the product goes to hotels and spas and the most popular buys are essential oils and natural mosquito spray but customers can request tailor-made scents if they so choose. One hotel even ordered a bacon-scented spray to entice breakfasters to its buffet and Bobby duly obliged, but exactly how he did so taxes the imagination as Lemongrass products contain no animal ingredients and are entirely natural – their packaging, too.


Not only is Lemongrass an aromatic delight, it’s also a visual feast for the eyes, with thousands and thousands of scent and oil bottles lining the walls and a busy team of workers packaging in the shop itself. The result of so many organic and natural scents being unleashed at the same time is something that your nose will never forget; this is the ultimate in feel-good shopping and the ideal place to purchase a present or four for loved ones or even, when you come to think of it, smelly friends.

"An aromatic delight and a visual feast for the eyes"
Very helpful staff
Very helpful staff

Lemongrass House

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 20:00
Location: Srisoonthorn Road (the road from Heroine’s Monument to Surin Beach) and 106/14 Surin Beach
Tel: 076-271233 or 076-325501

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