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  • Mid-Air Circus Arts Academy in Phuket

    Full Circus Academy Teaching Flying Trapeze


    In Phuket one doesn’t have to wait for the circus to come to town to see the most exciting act of all – the trapeze acts.

    In fact you can take time to learn how ‘to fly through the air with the greatest of ease’ with professional trainers at Mid-Air Circus Arts Academy in British International School  And even if you are in town for only a few days and can’t spare more than just a few hours, it’s well worth a try. Hey, you never know, you might actually discover a hidden talent!

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  • Once you have seen a good trapeze show, it’s there to stay in your mind. You may not be able to fly like the artists in Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, or the Cirque du Soleil in such a short time but you’ll get to fly alright.

    The Mid-Air Circus operation is quite impressive with a full-sized flying trapeze, three dedicated aerial rigs for lessons in lyra, silks, single trapeze, double trapeze, cube, straps and more.

    The day we visited the academy, its director Ben Martin and partners Adam Lambert were busy teaching a group of youngsters. It’s hard to believe your eyes seeing these small kids doing the solo swing, then swing to grab the trainer’s hands (while still up in the air) before letting go and landing beautifully (on a net), all with enthusiasm and a great deal of panache, not forgetting the pride on their face once they were able to do it after a few attempts.  It took a lot of courage, focus and discipline to do so. Bravo!

    One of the parents in his 40s said that he tried it once before letting his daughter taking the class so that he knew the feeling and saw how safe it was. The father and daughter have been back here many times since.

    If you are lucky, you might get to see professional and semi-pro trapeze artists practicing their moves because they too come here when passing through.  

    Mid-Air welcomes people of all ages and gender and don’t require any previous experience and skills. For the record, the two trainers have long experience in teaching trapeze in various locations, with their youngest student being only four and the oldest an 84-year-old grandma. Now forget the idea of running away and joining the circus, come and check out Mid-Air Circus for a real and exciting experience.

    They can teach in many different languages including French, English, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Soon they will teach in Russian too.   

    If you have some health issues, it’s important to let the school know before getting swinging. 

    The team at Mid-Air Circus Arts Academy also specializes in entertaining people and is available for private parties and events, big or small at reasonable cost. They can provide trapezes and equipment at international standard quality in case you prefer to have your own set for your house too.

    • Training Area
    • Beginners Aerial Arts Class
    • Aerial Show in Koh Samui
    • Summer Camp

    Mid-Air Circus Arts Academy

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