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  • Nightmare in Phuket

    Haunted House Attraction in Phuket Town


    NOTE: Nightmare in Phuket is now closed.

    Nightmare in Phuket is a well-planned and expertly constructed haunted house attraction located on the By-Pass Road some 900m north of the Tesco Lotus intersection. Under Hungarian management – they also run Nightmare in Budapest – the tropical version of this attraction is as scary as Hell, playing with the emotion of the visitors who have to go through a wide range of frightening experiences all along the course set in a 600sqm hangar transformed into a realm of fear.

    Blending classic and modern fear effects and situations inspired by horror movies such as Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Night of the Living Dead, Nightmare in Phuket will surely challenge your stolidity as some of the scenes are particularly disturbing due to their vivid gory rendition. Children below 14 are not allowed to follow the entire course.

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  • Nightmare in Phuket is a well-thought-out attraction indeed, as the first fear challenging the visitors is the primal one: the fear of the dark… The first part of the course is in a corridor plunged into total darkness, forcing people to rely on their sense of touch to find their way in a very pressing environment. The soundtrack accompanying this walk in the darkness is particularly terrifying, making people really afraid of what may come next.

    The five rooms following the first are slightly more lit and takes you to five different universes directly influenced by horror movies: being pursued by zombies in an apocalyptic décor, stuck in a mad butcher’s lair; facing a psychopath with a chainsaw; going through a nightmarish cell; then into a shady children’s room in the company of a hysterical evil clown.

    As mentioned earlier, Nightmare in Phuket is professionally run and have strict rules for both guests and actors. For example, performers will never touch you so it is also forbidden for you to touch them. The main concern here is the safety of people, so smoking, being under the influence of alcohol, or showing a bad/aggressive behaviour are all prohibited. Similarly, once inside, it is strictly forbidden to run and push other visitors. If people cannot bear the attraction, they just need to ask to be escorted outside.

    Fun and challenging, Nightmare in Phuket is a cool attraction that could please almost anyone (who dares to face their fear): with powerful lights, strobes, and loud sound effects, sudden scares created by moving puppets and performers, get ready to give a hollow laugh. Soft drinks, water, and small souvenirs (magnets and stickers) are available at the reception. To get a discount (normal price 500 baht per person), go to Nightmare in Phuket Facebook page and ‘check in’ before you get there.

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    Nightmare in Phuket

    • Opening Hours: Daily from 12:00 – 22:00
    • Location: on the By-Pass Road, some 900m after Tesco Lotus when heading north
    • Tel: +66 (0)80 385 9062
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