One Crazy Day in Phuket

24hr Non-Stop Fun around Phuket Island

Phuket has so many things to see and do that it is very difficult for people visiting the island to enjoy them all, even if they stay at least two weeks. One Crazy Day in Phuket concentrates all that most visitors will do and see during their whole vacation on the ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’ into just 24 hours.

Get ready for a fun and frantic day, filled with emotion and enjoyment: technically (time-wise), it is possible – yet challenging - to follow the programme of this crazy day in Phuket. You will need to rent a motorbike and drive with care. Beyond that, all you need to do is go with the flow. Please note that, unless you are gifted with superpowers such as Wolverine’s regenerative power, you will surely need a full day of recovery afterward! So, set your mind to ‘madness’… Ready! Steady! Go!

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06:00 - Sunrise at Khao Rang Viewpoint

According to the proverb: "The early bird catches the worm", our crazy day in Phuket starts at the crack of dawn at the top of Rang Hill (Khao Rang) to contemplate and photograph the sunrise over Phuket City, the capital of the island. Around that time, only a few people can be seen there, so the place is really peaceful and, depending on the weather conditions of the day, you may witness a stunning colourful scene. Read more...

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06:30 - Spot the monks receiving alms in Phuket Old Town

It takes only a few minutes to get down Rang Hill and reach the historical district of Phuket City, Phuket Old Town. Once there, you can spot the monks followed by at least one assistant (he has to carry the offerings) roaming around the old streets of the city to receive alms from the most fervent Thai Buddhist in exchange of a benediction. The scene is really touching and shows the bright side of human beings. Read more...

07:00 - Enjoy a Thai breakfast on Ranong Road

While you walk around the Old Town in search of saffron robes, head to Ranong Road the local transportation and commercial hub of Phuket Town. Despite the early hour, the area is buzzing with activities as no less than two markets - Downtown Market and the Public Fresh Market – are held here every day. The street also features the main local bus station. Join the locals for a hearty breakfast: you can feast on Khao Tom (boiled rice), iced tea or coffee, and patonko (Thai donuts) available at the many restaurants and stalls found on and off Ranong Road. Read more...

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08:00 - Go for a paramotoring flight from Buffalo Airfield

With your stomach filled, head to Buffalo Airfield (officially named Pa Khlok Airfield) for a really exciting experience. Located north of Phuket City, on the east coast, it takes roughly 20 minutes to get there from downtown Phuket. You will, of course, have to make an appointment beforehand with the cool yet professional team at Sky Club Asia who will take you for a tandem flight above the island aboard a paramotor and make you feel like an eagle! Read more...

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12:00 - Lunch at Dream Beach Club

After the adrenalin-pumping experience that is a paramotoring flight, get to Dream Beach Club in Layan Beach for a delicious lunch in a modern and stylish venue offering an all-day and night party atmosphere, rocked by the loud beat of contemporary house music mixed by the resident DJ. Surrounded by fun-loving young jetsetters, it will take you no time to join the festive ambiance of the place. Even though their cocktails are to die for, do not indulge yourself too much in alcoholic beverages as your crazy day in Phuket is not over yet! Read more...

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14:00 - Get tattooed at @Ink Tattoo Studio in Bangtao Beach

Why not take home a permanent souvenir from Phuket? Getting tattooed is not so negatively considered and has (almost) become mainstream nowadays. Phuket Island hosts a multitude of excellent tattoo studios and, in order to make this crazy day realistically possible, we picked @Ink Tattoo Studio, run by Khun Mit, to get inked in style at Bangtao. To stay in phase with Thailand, you could choose a black Sak Yant motif tattooed at the base of your neck. These tattoos, originally realised by monks, have the reputation to protect their holders. Read more...

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16:00 - Make a few laps at Patong Go-Kart Speedway

After being marked for life, head for a long-established exciting activity set on the Kathu side of the island at the foot of Patong Mountain. Patong Go-Kart Speedway is the promise of an exhilarating time rocked by the roaring of these small but powerful machines. If you are an adrenalin junkie, pick a 400cc kart (they can reach 110km/h) and enjoy a few laps at full speed around the 750m circuit. Read more...

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18:00 - Go to Wassa Bar for a sun downer

Time to relax a bit with a well-deserved sundowner; Wassa Bar is certainly one of the best venues to watch the sunset on Phuket’s west coast. Located off Hasip Pee Road (right above it), Wassa Bar offers a stunning 180-degree panorama of the magnificent bay of Patong. After a few drinks and photos of the view, it is time to head to Phuket Town for dinner. Read more...

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20:00 - Dinner at Ka Jok See in Phuket Town

Ka Jok See Restaurant is one of the best-kept secrets in Phuket. This long-established popular restaurant, settled on Takua Pa Road in the heart of Phuket City, is one of the favourite places to dine and party and became famous without any advertising or promotion - only by word-of-mouth. Dining at Ka Jok See is a unique experience. Up to 21:00, the atmosphere is in keeping with any standard Thai restaurant – good food and wine in a social environment – but, after that time, things seem to spin out of control. An insane party kicks off, shirts are thrown off and guests start to dance on the tables! Definitely not the right place to be if you are introverted. Read more...

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00:00 - Party at Seduction Complex in Patong Beach

Is there a better venue than Seduction Complex to (almost) complete one crazy day in Phuket? Located on Bangla Road in Patong, Seduction Complex hosts no less than five venues in a single four-storey building, each of them with its own atmosphere and music style. From the Terrace Bar to Seduction Nightclub to Blow VIP Club to La Shisha Lounge and Disco to Higher Restaurant and Lounge, there’s a style and ambiance for everyone in this trendy venue that will entertain you until the end of the night. Read more...

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05:00 – The End of One Crazy Day in Phuket

All good things, alas, must come to an end… After the closure of Seduction, let’s go and eat some noodle soup at one of the stalls installed along the street of Rat-U-Thit (the central strip of Patong) before to go to bed at 06:00. It is now time to rest after a thrilling day in Phuket; your head filled with long-lasting memories.

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