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Pansea Beach

  • Pansea Beach

    Secluded Beach on Phuket's West Coast


    Pansea Beach is found just north of the beautiful and extremely popular Surin Beach, on Phuket’s west coast. Almost 400m long, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Like a true tropical cliché, it is fringed by coconut trees and other exotic trees and plants, lapped by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, offers top-notch snorkelling opportunities at both ends, and becomes a stunning sundowner spot most evenings.

    Pansea is separated from Surin by a small rocky cape on which a steep man-made path used to give access to the beach. The path was unfortunately closed off with a fence in 2014, making it almost impassable.

  • Pansea is generally assumed to be the private beach of The Surin Phuket and Amanpuri Phuket (which respectively occupy 80% and 20% of the beachfront), but privatisation of the coastline is illegal in Thailand, so it is actually free for public use. This assumption, combined with access being only by The Surin Phuket reception, means that Pansea Beach is significantly quieter than Surin Beach, despite being of a higher quality.

    Besides the two resorts’ beach bars, sun loungers with umbrellas, and water sport centres, a few local businesses are still present on Pansea. Towards the southern end of the beach, a small shack serves reasonably-priced drinks and fruits, and also rent inflatable rubber rings and airbeds; in front of The Surin Phuket’s Beach Studio Suites, a group of local masseuses await guests who want to enjoy a relaxing oil or Thai massage right on the beach; and right between The Surin and the Amanpuri, guests can rent jet skis (only two are available) to noisily explore the surroundings.

    Summing up, Pansea Beach is a secluded piece of paradise. The alternative access to the beach being rather tricky, the best way to fully enjoy this lovely strip of sand remains to book a room at The Surin Phuket or at the Amanpuri.

      • Sun loungers in front of The Surin Phuket
      • Beach masseuses
      • Local shop on the beach
      • Pansea is a very large beach

    Pansea Beach

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