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  • Patong Beachfront Food Court - Phuket

    Casual Dining on Patong Beach


    Patong Beachfront Food Court is not strictly a food court as such but rather a collection of stand-alone restaurants sharing the same block on Beach Road in Patong just north of Bangla Road.

    Serving up mostly seafood, the dishes here are spanking fresh and even though they are pitched at decidedly tourist prices they are nevertheless the real thing. You’ll find paid toilets to the side of the block where you can even grab a shower if the food gets too spicy.

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  • Wai Thai No 6

    Standing next to Loma Park, Wai Thai is one of the two restaurants in the group with views of both the beach and the ever-restless Beach Road with its constant flow of one-way traffic and strolling pedestrians.

    Serving deep-fried shrimps and shrimp cakes, lobster thermidor, whole fish and a host of international favourites such as spaghetti bolognaise, pizzas, burgers and more, Wan Thai is cavernous, open sided, and fan cooled, although in December and January the cool eastern breeze is enough to keep the temperature down here. With plastic chairs, wooden tables, and simple décor, Wan Thai isn’t exactly New York chic but that doesn’t diminish its popularity with diners who like to keep things simple.

    Nong Nan Seafood

    Nong Nan’s menu leans toward seafood but in reality you can get spring rolls, fried chicken and French fries here, too. Inspect the fare as you stroll by – you’ll be able to check the catch of the day in ice ‘boats’ outside. Fan-cooled, this restaurant also has roadside and beachside views.

    The beach side is popular for breakfast because the sun hasn’t yet risen high enough to disturb people sitting outside. Nong Nan is distinguished from its competitors by its chunky wooden furniture.

    Chabadang Restaurant

    Chabadang is good for early morning and sunset views. Again, majoring in seafood, but versatile enough do offer breakfasts that are pretty good but not a patch on the all-in British breakfasts offered up the road in and near Bangla Road, the choices are decidedly similar to its neighbours as it majors in all things fishy.

    A pretty professional wait staff will make sure you get what you need here at Chabadang.

    Sole Mio Restaurant & Bar

    Here’s where things get complicated: This used to be the Barefoot Beach Shack but it has reverted back to its original name yet it still looks exactly like the Barefoot Beach Shack.

    Confused? Don’t be, Sole Mio has an upbeat western menu, funky furniture, and music that can take over a little – so much so that its neighbours don’t even bother playing tunes at their venues. Sole Mio is by far the trendiest of this bunch of restaurants and is just great for sunset viewing.

    All in all, this is a pretty iconic food court and you can count on friendly, family-run restaurants that are cheap and cheerful in the nicest way possible.

    Patong Beachfront Food Court

    • Opening Hours: From 09:30 – 22:30 daily
    • Location: On the beach side at the intersection of Sawatdirak Road and Beach Road (Loma Park)
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