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Fresh Thai Seafood in Patong Beach

Patong Seafood Court embodies all that is good about Patong’s culinary scene. Dining out in Patong is a diverse experience and almost every cultural cuisine is represented, from Ireland to Iran, from America to Austria, from Thailand to Taiwan and from Sweden to Switzerland – it’s all here. But what sets Patong Seafood Court apart is that it doggedly retains one singular theme: Seafood. So it’s not the best place for those with a penchant for pizza with their red snapper – it’s 100% The Real Thing.

Made up of several adjacent open-air and enclosed restaurants as you pass you’ll smell the exotic aroma of the freshest fish and seafood lying in ice-filled display ‘boats’ along the sidewalk and further inside, large glass tanks and black buckets containing live fish, lobsters, oysters, and crabs bubble and teem.

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There is no difference between the prices of seafood at these restaurants. Simply choose between 99 Seafood; Cocoa-nut Restaurant; Dang No 8, and Sakkorn. English-speaking touts will approach as you pass by and there are colourful, easy-to-read photo menus on display.

This is a far cry from fine dining and it all may look a little rough with plastic chairs, and basic crockery and cutlery but one thing is certain – the seafood on display and served up here is top-of-the-range fresh. Diagonally opposite Patong Seafood Court is another recommended seafood restaurant that gets mad busy – Mr. Good’s Seafood.

But what to order? Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes at Patong Seafood Court – all accompanied by steamed white rice. With whole fish and lobsters you’ll be charged by the weight of your meal.

  • Pla nueng manao – steamed whole fish (often sea bass or snapper) in a spicy lemon sauce
  • Hoi maeng poh op moh din – steamed mussels with lemongrass and herbs
  • Thord mun koong – deep-fried shrimp cake with sweet plum sauce
  • Tom yam talay – spicy and sour soup with mixed seafood
  • Poop had pong karee – fried crab meat with yellow curry
  • Pla lard prik – crispy fried fish filet with three-flavour sauce
  • Haw mok pla – curried fish mousse served in individually wrapped banana leaves

Patong Seafood Court

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 23:00 daily
  • Location: Opposite the Royal Paradise Hotel
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