5 Beaches with Beach Chairs in Phuket - Updated March 2017

Where to Find Sun Loungers in Phuket

Sun loungers returned to the majority of Phuket's popular beaches in March 2017.

Beaches with beach chairs in Phuket have been surprisingly difficult to locate since early-2014. The reason for this is that the sand is public property and it was decided that private citizens should not be running business and profiting from land they do not own. Unfortunately, this did not take into consideration the tourists who visit Phuket and enjoy lazing on the beach in the comfort of a sun lounger.

Over time, some beach furniture has been permitted back onto some of the beaches around Phuket. You are permitted to bring your own chairs and it is now possible to find a soft mat and an umbrella on many beaches (though only in specially designated areas, amounting to 10% of the total beach area). We’ve been right around Phuket checking every single stretch of sand in order to answer the question of where you can find beach chairs. Please note that this information is only accurate as of the date of the last update. The beach chairs situation continues to evolve and, while we will do our best to keep up with it, it is possible that things could change without notice.

The following information was accurate as of March 2017.

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Patong Beach

They're back! Beach chairs have finally returned to Patong Beach! It was announced, at the end of February 2017, that chairs and loungers would be permitted within the 10% zones. Due to this limitation, prices are slightly higher than they used to be, averaging around 100-200 baht per chair. Read More...

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Kata Beach

Sun loungers and umbrellas are now available on Kata Beach. They are not set up ready for you, but they can be rented for about 100 baht each and then positioned as you please. You can also buy beach mats and umbrellas from shops and stores towards the southern end of the sand. Read More...

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Laem Singh Beach

The rule which removed the sun loungers from Phuket's beaches was that all of Thailand's coastline is public property. Laem Singh Beach avoids this rather creatively because it is, in fact, private property. It is accessible for a small fee (about 100 baht) and, while relatively small, is one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches. Most importantly, it has a small selection of sun loungers positioned up near the treeline. Read More...

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Bangtao Beach

You can find sun loungers right on the sand on Bangtao Beach, much closer to the sea than they are anywhere else in Phuket. However, the use of these beds requires that you are either a guest of Angsana Laguna Phuket or a customer of Xana Beach Club. Xana has a good menu, a nice pool and a great party atmosphere, making this a small sacrifice. Further north, along the quiet coast road leading towards Layan Beach, you will also see sun loungers further back from the surf, but free for common use. At the very most, you might be expect to buy one or two drinks from the little bamboo-shack bars nearby in order to use them. Further south, Catch Beach Club has many loungers technically just behind the beach (but still on sand), available for a minimum spend of 2,000 baht each. Other nearby beach clubs have similar offers. Read More...

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Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is rather tricky to access, but is widely considered to be absolutely worth the effort. A glorious stretch of sand close to Patong, it has a selection of sun loungers available for use just inside the treeline, at the back of the beach. There's a small restaurant nearby where you can get drinks and refreshments. Sadly, Freedom isn't free and you might be charged 200 baht just to get onto the sand, not to mention over-inflated rates from the long-tail boat captains to get there and back. Read More...

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Honourable Mentions

Paradise Beach Club

Access to Paradise Beach necessitates that you enter the beach club, which is open from 09:30 and sunset (and after dark as a beach nightclub). This is currently free, but has previously cost 200-500 baht and that charge could return. However, once you’re in, you have a choice of beds, large cushions and deck chairs, many of which are right on the beach and can be moved as close to the sea as you please. There are, however, no adjustable sun loungers. The beds mentioned earlier are literal beds – a large mattress with a few small cushions.


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Dream Beach Club on Layan Beach

Right at the start of Layan Beach, where it meets Bangtao Beach, you will find Dream Beach Club, which has beach chairs and cabanas right by (but not on) the sand. Naturally, these are only for use by customers of the club, but this is one of the best beach clubs on the island, making it a great place to spend the day anyway. A couple of the nearby bars and establishment also have a modest selection of sun loungers available – again, only for customers. Read More...

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The Cove Phuket

A small, quaint beach in a sheltered bay near the Panwa peninsula, Ao Yon Beach is often overlooked by tourists and is considered something of a secret among locals and expats. However, it is the home of The Cove Phuket, which has a small selection of beach chairs set up on their artificial beach, just behind the genuine article. These are accessible to guests staying in the bungalows as well as customers of the restaurant/bar, but the excellent food and lovely cocktails make this a small price to pay. Read More...

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Pansea Beach

There is a limited selection of beach chairs located on this tiny stretch of idyllic sand, just north of Surin Beach. They are well away from the surf and, while very comfortable, they are exclusively for the use of guests of The Surin Phuket. There are also loungers around the hotel pool, which is situated directly on the beach. Staff at the hotel have been known to inform travellers that the beach itself is private and exclusively for the use of their guests, but this is not the case. Read More...

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Karon Nui Beach

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is found on a private beach roughly half-way between Patong and Karon. Sun loungers are not permitted on beach, but the hotel has done the best that it can, clearing areas of their grounds directly behind the sand for placing loungers. It is quite a wide beach, so this still gives you a pretty lengthy walk to and from the sea. Naturally, these loungers are only available for use by hotel guests. Read More...

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