Phuket Bird Park

Colourful Park in Chalong

Phuket Bird Park is a beautifully arranged plot of hillside land has exotic flora, winding paths, odd memorabilia, no less than three cafés, a souvenir shop and of course hundreds of beautiful birds from all around the tropical world.

The experience starts with a lovely wooden bridge – the sort you see in Disney cartoons with multi-coloured butterflies darting about – and a display of indigenous masks along with what appear to be didgeridoos (an Australian aboriginal instrument).

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Sauntering on uphill we come across such plumed exotica as pied hornbills, African crowned cranes (fitting, as a local joke has it that the ‘crane’ is the national bird of fast-developing Thailand) great and wreathed hornbills, although you can catch them in the wild on Coral Island, Nicobar pigeons, and round the corner on an ever-increasing incline, moody-looking ostriches and comical emus.

The list is endless of the winged fauna you can observe at the Bird Park but some of the stars in the many thatched-roofed cages here are small and fiery-coloured Siamese pheasants (a species that we’d never seen before), red-billed blue magpies, and, just when you think all this splendour shouldn’t be caged up, visitors are approached by free range, fearsome-looking, but harmless white turkeys and chickens.

Halfway up the challenging upward path (the park is wheelchair friendly but users might need help getting up the steep inclines) you’ll come across a drinks and snack stand. Near to this is a very welcome set of wooden tables and chairs at which you can sit and take in the Jurassic sounds in the immediate surroundings.

This spot is next to a grove of very fittingly named ‘bird of paradise’ plants (the national flower of Jamaica, by the way) and the lush settings are almost an attraction in themselves. But this is logical, given that this is a sister park to Phuket Botanic Garden – a good afternoon out in its own right.

We don’t want to give away much about the three-times-a-day shows in the amphitheatre at the end of the tour but suffice it to say that they’re impressive and you’ll leave scratching your head at how exactly a flamed-coloured parrot named ‘Andaman’ could indicate the age of a randomly selected member of the audience.

Phuket Bird Park

  • Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 - 17:00
    Showtimes: 10:30, 13:30, 15:30
  • Location: on Chaofa West Road toward Wat Chalong
  • Tel: +66 (0)76 367576
  • Price Range: Adult: 500 baht, Child: 300 baht
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