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Rendez-Vous Coffee Wine Dine Phuket (more often known as simply Rendez-Vous) is a bistro-like restaurant right in the heart of downtown Phuket. This area, encompassing the Old Town, has lately seen nothing short of a resurrection lately through many new restaurants, bars, boutiques (and sometimes with a combination of the three) livening up what was once a sleepy part of the island.

Rendez-Vous is the newest of these and is a converted shop-house located on Takua Pa Road, just off Rassada Road, one of Phuket Town’s main arteries.

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It’s a simple, yet attractive affair with a high roof, old-fashioned tiled floors (most likely the original ones), marble-topped tables, classic-style chairs, a wine rack at the entrance, and a small corner bar with stools and stripped brick walls. The main dining part has alternatively wood and concrete walls on which impressionist art hangs.

At first glance you’d be tempted to think, ‘minimalist’, but the Devil is in the details at Rendez-Vous as there’s a good selection of cigars, a few good labels to sip, and upstairs a dining table for 12, plus a pool table.

We page through the colourful illustrated menu and choose spinach soup (95 baht), a mixed spicy fruit salad (155 baht), fish and chips (165 baht), and a club sandwich with fries (195). The spinach soup is delicious in a buttery sort of way and several garlic croutons on top make us wish there were several more garlic croutons to add once they run out. Mixed spicy fruit salad is right on the nose delicious with a delicate mélange of kiwi, apple, orange, dragon fruit and peanuts to add a bit of crunch. A fish and chips portion comes with a tartar sauce and is a filling dish, as is the club sandwich. This, it must be stressed, is a lunchtime choice.

Rendez-Vous has some great juicy steak options for dinnertime and a raft of spicy Thai alternatives, and of course a fully stocked bar to help evening dining along. The background music – a compilation of evergreens – is as unimposing as it should be and service is cheerful and competent. For those who like to escape the heat of day into a cooling relaxing place Rendez-Vous is ideal as the air conditioning here, in spite of being located high up and quite far away, is positively glacial and would make a penguin feel right a home.

Smokers have a little seating space out front that is ideal for people watching and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible. All in all, Rendez-Vous delivers the goods and is a welcome newcomer to the ever-growing evening dining scene in Phuket Town.


  • Opening Hours: 13:00 – midnight. Closed Mondays
  • Location: 41/1 Takua Pa road, Phuket Town
  • Tel: 081-8941603, 076-213221
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