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  • Soi Easy

    Bangla Road Side Street in Patong Beach

    Soi Easy is the first of the sois to split off Bangla Road in Patong if you enter the famous nightlife hub from the beach end. Starting about 80m from that end of the street and on your left (the southern side), roughly opposite Kangaroo Bar, it is home to one of Phuket’s most sophisticated nightclubs, a live music bar and a large food court serving mostly Thai dishes.

    The street is located directly underneath VIP Room Patong Beach nightclub (formerly Hollywood Discotheque). Getting particularly lively after midnight and into the early morning, the club has a very classy style from the red-carpetted steps to the left of the entrance to Soi Easy all the way to the extra-special VIP section at the back of the club, behind a unique circular DJ's stage where you will find great local and international talents playing EDM and house tunes.

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  • The street was once a beer bar soi like Soi Freedom or Soi Tiger, but all that is left of this past is the Honky Tonk Bar by the entrance. The rest was stripped out some time in 2015 and replaced with about 15 food stalls, all along the left-hand side of the soi. Their wares include barbecue pork ribs, fresh seafood, som tam, Indian cuisine and fresh juices and fruit shakes.

    The food court is open from 12:00 (noon) to 02:00. Metal tables and chairs take up most of the rest of the soi, allowing you to enjoy your meal in relative comfort. Towards the end is a stage where you will even be serenaded while you dine by a local one-man live music performer doing a mix of western and Thai songs. Behind him is access to public toilets.

    Right at the end of Soi Easy is the one final vestige of what the street used to be. Somewhat incongruous on what is otherwise quite a family-friendly place is the entrance to The Secret Ago-go. It is one of the more upscale venues of its kind, with a 500 baht entrance fee and expensive drinks prices, though it also boasts the most professional shows performed by girls of above-average beauty.

    Soi Easy is entirely covered since it is located directly underneath VIP Room Patong Beach, so it is a good place to shelter from any sudden rainfall. It is also one of the quieter spots along Soi Bangla, so it makes a comfortable refuge if you are feeling overwhelmed with the loud music, girls, neon lights and booze, giving you a restful place to recharge and refuel before heading back into the fray!

    VIP Room Patong Beach brings a bit of class to the beach end of Phuket’s most famous nightlife hub – Bangla Road. With a classy look from the red carpeted entrance to the luxurious VVIP section, it is one of the smartest nightclubs on the street. Opening its doors for the first time in early November 2015, VIP Room Patong Beach replaces the highly popular Hollywood Discotheque, which formed the upper floor of Soi Easy. The entrance is up a flight of stairs by the beginning of the soi, which has a red carpet running from street level right up to the door, with a small team of friendly and Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 22:00 - late
    • Location: Above Soi Easy, Bangla Road, Patong
    • Tel: +66 (0)98 039 5446
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    Soi Easy

    • Location: By VIP Room Phuket Beach
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