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  • Talad Kaset Night Market in Phuket Town

    Popular Thai Snacks & Street Food in Downtown Phuket


    Talad Kaset Night Market located behind Robinson Department Store is considered the largest night market in downtown Phuket. It’s the place where you can sample tasty street food influenced by three different cultures; Thai, Chinese and Muslim.

    This market gets busy after 20:00 but it’s ready to welcome customers from early evening and continues operating until late. Many night shift workers stop by before heading to work and clubbers come here for snacks before calling it a night.

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  • There are several vendors selling similar dishes such as pork or shrimp noodles soup, seafood, spicy salad and stir-fries and wok-prepared plates, so for the best eats, look for stalls that have the most customers. Dishes worth trying are for example:

    Kao mok kai – Steamed yellow spicy rice with chicken
    Kaomun kai tod – Deep-fried chicken with rice
    Kao cluk kapi – Rice with shrimp paste
    Suki talay – Thai-style sukiyaki with seafood
    Kao lao moo – Clear soup with vegetables and pork
    Dim sum – A Cantonese dish of small steamed or fried dumplings containing various fillings

    Traditionally, food is served in small steamer baskets as seen in many Chinese restaurants around the world.

    After all that food, it’s good to wash everything down with exotic drinks like soybean milk, sweet ginger tea, Asiatic pennywort drink and butterfly pea drink (it’s a lovely colour too). All can be enjoyed hot or cold.

    Kanom sod or Thai traditional sweets are not only colourful but they also come in a wide variety. They are made using local ingredients such as coconuts, bananas, rice, pumpkins, sugarcane, taro, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds and more. There are a few vendors selling kanom sod at this food market. Take your time to look around and don’t forget to take your camera!

    Some of the stalls display prices while some don’t. The good thing is their prices are pretty much the same and very cheap indeed. You can enjoy quite a number of items here for 120 – 150 baht at the most.

    There is a newer night food/ snack alley but on a smaller scale located at the town’s original bus station on Phang Nga Road. Choices of food there might be limited compared to Talad Kaset Market, but it’s getting more and more popular lately. Check it out if you are in the area.

    • Local way to enjoy food
    • Grilled beef on sticks
    • Fruit stall
    • Hi-tech vendor

    Talad Kaset Night Market

    • Opening Hours: All year round from early evening until about 02:00 or so but after 01: 00, many stalls might run out of food.
    • Location: On Ong Sim Phai Road, next to Robinson Department Store in Phuket Town
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