Timber Hut in Phuket

Thai-Style Live Music Pub in Phuket Town

Timber Hut is an institution on the Phuket Town nightlife scene. First opened way back in 1990, this Thai live music pub has been entertaining Phuket’s hi-so youngsters for years with a décor and ambiance that has barely changed over the years.

Located on Yaowarat Road at the northern entrance of Phuket Old Town, Timber Hut is an old two-storey red brick building shaped rather like a chapel. It may sound like a paradox but Timber Hut looks exactly the opposite of its well-heeled and influential patrons as the place can seem like an old and dusty wooden hut.

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Two ‘smoker’s’ tables stand at the right of the entrance door on the front of the building; the venue being air-conditioned, smoking is not allowed inside. The first floor is a large room cramped with wood tables, chairs and benches. Overall, the place is pretty dark but two spots stand out; the u-shaped bar that stands in the middle of the room, and the small stage on which the band plays.

The second storey, accessible via a wooden staircase along which you can see photos of the past and present staff members, is even darker – if it’s possible. It is also even more ‘economically spaced’ than the ground floor, again with long tables and benches. A small bar being the only lit spot, there’s no doubt that this place does its best to promote body contact.

Live music starts at 10:00, and the excellent band plays old and new pop & rock western pub’s classics as well as popular Thai songs from artists such as Sek Loso and Carabao. A DJ takes the lead in between the sets and shakes the crowd’s booty with hip-hop and dance mixes.

It’s always nice to have something to nibble when drinking, and Timber Hut has a full menu to help partiers temper the alcohol with some food; genuine Thai food is the only choice and you can enjoy dishes here such as fried rice, fried noodles, chicken cashew nuts, grilled Thai sausages, grilled squid, and many more local delicacies.

You’ll find the usual suspects on the beverage list with 25 cocktails – the Mai Tai is particularly recommended. Timber Hut’s barmen know their job, a few of them have been working here for quite long time, and you’ll be surprised by their skill in mixing cocktails. Whiskey is the most popular drink for Thai revelers, and if you come with a group of friends, it is advised to order by the bottle, - you’ll get free mixers such as Coke, soda and ice; Johnny Walker bottle prices go from 700 baht (Red Label 70cl) to 2,200 baht (Green Label).

If you are looking for a glimpse into the ‘real’ Thailand nightlife scene, Timber Hut is the place to go to; it is a fair-priced venue with a mixed crowd of Thais and Westerners (less of the latter though) which delivers the goods in a friendly atmosphere.

Timber Hut

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 02:00
  • Location: on Yaowarat Road, between Mae Luan and Dibuk Roads at the northern end of Phuket Old Town
  • Tel: 076 211 839
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