Zorbing at Rollerball in Phuket

Hill Rolling Fun at Kalim Beach

Zorbing is a fun activity for the whole family. Opened in 2012 and located near Lim’s restaurant on the hills overlooking Kalim Beach, participants at Zorbing at Rollerball descend a 190m hill track (one of the longest tracks in the world!) inside a three-metre diameter flexible plastic ball.

Hill rolling (the official name of this activity) was invented in New Zealand by David and Andrew Akers. This recreational activity is known under several different names around the world – zorbing, globe-riding, sphereing, orbing – and its Phuket’s version enjoys superb views over Patong Bay as well as tons of exhilarating fun.

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The concept of zorbing is pretty simple: you just need a hillside and a big ball. In Phuket you find quite a lot of hillsides as the island (its southern part at least) is pretty mountainous. In Kalim, Zorbing at Rollerball is setup some 500m from the sea along a steep slope on a road leading to private villas. Two tracks have been designed to enjoy hill rolling in slightly different ways: one track is pretty straight, and the other one presents some sharp curves making the journey a bit bouncier.

The zorbs (balls) are quite impressive in size and shape: double-sectioned, with one ball inside the other with an air layer between. The inner and outer balls are connected by numerous small nylon strings. Zorbs have one tunnel-like entrance. Before heading (or rolling) off, the staff put about 40 litres of water in the inner ball, this helps passengers to stand upright (roughly). Don’t forget to bring swimwear and towel; there’s an onsite changing room.

The feeling of hill rolling is similar to being inside a washing machine… without the risk of drowning, of course! One of the fun aspects of zorbing is when you roll over other participants who are ‘planking’ on the track downhill. Or maybe it’s more fun being rolled over…

Zorbing at Rollerball’s setting is nice and simple: on a large terrace overlooking the sea, with two small bamboo-and-thatch huts - one is the office/front-desk/bar, the other is the changing room – three tables with benches under a thatched roof, and right next to them stands the zorbing track’s departure platform.

The bar serves soft drinks and beers, and free transfers are available in Patong area. Under British management, this activity is run with safety in mind and comes with full insurance. Prices start at 950 baht per person for one roll and a free drink, going up to 1,950 baht for six rolls, a free drink, free snack, free t-shirt and a free photo. The staff will also film your journey down the hill and give you the footage on CD for a small fee.

Zorbing at Rollerball

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Kalim Soi 7, Patong
  • Tel: +66 (0)7 634 1421
  • How to get there: Take the Soi at the corner of the Orchid Hotel and Spa in Kalim. Zorbing at Rollerball is well indicated along the uphill road
    Indication for taxi: จากหาดป่าตองขับตรงมาทางหาดกระหลิม เลี้ยวที่ซอยหัวมุมโรงแรม Orchid Hotel and Spa สังเกตุป้ายบอกทาง Zorbing at Rollerbal ตามถนน จากนั้นขับตามป้่ายมาเรื่อยๆ
  • Tour Available: Zorbing at Rollerball
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