Phuket Shopping Guide

What to Buy in Phuket

Phuket has a great variety of Thai handicrafts, some of which come from other parts of Thailand and some regional specialities. Intricate filigree leather pictures, items made from coconuts and sea shells, bronze and lacquerware and ceramics are just some of the items produced.

Some have been created by craftsmen whose skills have been handed down for generations while others are produced in factories using the latest in advanced technology and quality control. You really need to see for yourself...

Ceramics in Phuket & Lacquerware Ceramics & Lacquerware

Phuket has a great variety of Thai handicrafts, some of which come from other parts of Thailand and some regional specialities.

Furniture Shops in Phuket Furniture Shops

Wonderful antique, contemporary or handcrafted furniture from Thailand and the entire Asia region is available on the island. Read More...

Gems, Gold, Pearls & Jewlery

Thailand is a leading producer of sapphires and is also the world's largest cutter of coloured stones.

Luxury Asian Art Shops Luxury Asian Art Shops

The range is huge: from clothing, jewelry and accessories to home decorations, fine furniture and handicrafts. Read More...

Luxury Cars in Phuket Luxury Cars

One way to make your mark anywhere in the world is to have the right car. In Thailand, the way to pick the right car is, first and foremost, to pick an imported model. Read More...

Tailors in Phuket Tailors

Need a new suit? Get a made-to-measure cashmere suit in just a couple of days - for a fraction of the cost at home! One of the best value buys in Phuket is tailor-made clothing. Read More...


Thai Antiques in Phuket Thai Antiques

Thai, Chinese, Burmese and Khmer antiques are excellent buys. Statues, fabrics, woodcarvings and furniture are just some of the items available.  Read More...

Thai Silk in Phuket Thai Silk in Phuket

Thai silk is on the top of the best buy list in Thailand. Sold in a range of colours, and in various widths, lengths and thicknesses, or as ready-made products such as shirts... Read More...

Wickerworks & Handicrafts

Sa paper is a durable, natural handmade paper that has been produced in Thailand for centuries. Sa paper products are sold everywhere around the island where craftpeople from all over Thailand set up stalls to sell their goods. Read More...

Best Selling Hotels in Phuket

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