Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong

Phuket Shopping Complex

Standing downtown, diagonally opposite Bangla Road, the Jungceylon Shopping Complex has radically changed the face of shopping in Patong. The two main stores in the complex are Robinson - a gleaming well-lit upper end department store, and Big C supermarket.

The 200-plus other stores in this shopping heaven sell brand-name clothes, spectacles, sunglasses, cosmetics and perfumes, shoes, DVDs, computer games, tons of mobile phones and accessories, electrical goods but it is also a great entertainment haven with a five-room SF Cinema and a 16-lane bowling alley, perfect for rainy days or to escape the heat of the day.

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Where to Shop and What to Buy

Shopping Arcade

Downstairs at Jungceylon you can buy everything from a Kashmir-made rug to a facial massage. It's all cheerfully lit and open spaced and is designed to handle an estimated 45,000 shoppers daily - though this figure seems a little optimistic, given that Patong's official population is 14,700 (and swells to up to 60,000 in high season). Still, it's good to have enough elbow room while shopping.


Robinson's downstairs majors in perfumes, cosmetics, watches and timepieces. The brand names featured here are Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique, H20+, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Revlon and Paul Smith. The watches are mostly Japanese and are of middle-range quality.

Upstairs, Robinson features women's shoes and accessories, and probably the biggest selection of women's underwear in Thailand – certainly the largest in Phuket. Further through is a very attractive child's clothing section which, predictably enough leads to the toy department. To one side here you will find an interesting collection of pewter goods; vases, cups, cigarette lighter covers and souvenir plaques as well as salt and pepper shakers, all at reasonable prices.

You'll also find a household appliance department here as well as a sensibly priced men's shoe section – this appears to be a bargain area in Thailand and Robinson features shoes with labels such as Pierre Cardin, Lacoste, Matino, and Polo. 

Big C

The upstairs section of Big C is a neon-lit affair featuring sports accessories, TVs, digital cameras and computer accessories. Downstairs features a large food supermarket, a stand of magazines and DVDs and rows of household goods.

Sport Shops

Near the main entrance there are two large sports shops almost next to each other: SuperSports and Sport World and so you're going to come out a winner simply by comparing prices in both.

Both are on the left-hand side as you enter Jungceylon and of course Big C has a sports section. Also present in the complex is a Surfer's shop with all the necessary accessories.

Where and What to Eat

Restaurants in Jungceylon A-Z (click to see the full list)

Jungceylon is a wonderful destination for both shopping and dining enthusiasts. Around the areas known as the Port Square, Silang Boulevard and Sino Phuket Zone you’ll find rows of restaurants, bars and coffee shops serving Thai, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Like a large courtyard, the Sino Phuket Zone is an ‘open-air’ set up (it’s actually covered but the roof is so high up, you won’t notice it.) Most venues along this strip provide not only indoors but also ‘outdoors’ seating, making it the perfect place to experience good food or to just hang out and people watch all year round, come rain or shine.

What to See and Do in Jungceylon

SF Cinema City

Showing five movies at the same time several times a day, SF Cinema is the perfect place to catch up with what's new in the contemporary cinema world and to enjoy popcorn and Coke. Here, you can watch your chosen flick in Deluxe, Premium or Sofa seats. 3D movies shown at reasonable prices, noticeably cheaper than in the west.

  • Location: 3rd floor, Phuket Square

Shell World Museum & Shop

Shell World Museum and Shop was set up by Somnuck Patamakanthin, the same guy who founded the spectacular Shell Museum in Rawai, it's a colourful and educational place to be even if you don't buy anything and sells lots of fashion accessories, trinkets and even full-size varnished conches - some of which are quite spectacular. You should know that in all likelihood these are not Thai shells, but if that makes no difference to you, it's quite a treasure trove. Shell Museum has fixed prices.

  • Location: Sino Phuket Zone, facing The Irish Times

Strike Bowl

Strike Bowl doesn't mess around: Open from 11:00 onwards, it's got 16 bowling lanes, video games, snooker and hires out bowling shoes for a very fair price. Snacks and drinks available.

  • Location: 3rd floor, Phuket Square

Gaming Arcade

These video games make up a semi-circle on the top floor of Jungceylon adjacent to the Megaforce Gun Simulation and the SF Cinema City. The games cover a lot of ground, including soccer simulation, Formula One races, motorbike stunts, shooting and more. 

  • Location: 2nd and 3rd floor, Phuket Square

Mario Land Games Zone

Above McDonalds you'll notice a colourful gaming zone in which, if you're lucky, you just might win of the giant pink teddy bears. Here, you can unleash on Guitar Hero, play snooker, impress your squeeze with a punching bag and play grabbit on a (pink) machine. It's so cheesey it's fun.

  • Location: 2nd floor, Port Zone

Mega Force

Buy a ticket at Mega Force, rent a gun (several types available) and prowl around looking for a screen that has a juicy target that you can nail. Predictably, it's noisy but if this idea of fun lights your candle you can do so in style here. No danger as there is no live ammo in this equation. Mega Force claims to be the first laser shooting range in the world 'applied from military training technology' so it certainly is a unique experience.

Soft drinks and beers are for sale here and for some mysterious reason, so are manicure sets, minature guitars, torches and themed T-shirts, along with simulator guns of all shapes and sizes.

  • Location: 3rd floor, Phuket Square

XD Theatre

XD Theater has 4D rides (the seats move, too). Select the destination, fasten your seat belt, put your Super Glasses and away you go on the Canyon Coaster, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Cosmic Race, Snow Ride and more. Just hang on tight. 'Flight' time is seven minutes a pop.

  • Location: 3rd floor, Phuket Square

Did you know?

In Thailand the law states that alcohol can only be sold in shops from 11:00 till 14:00 and from 17:00 until midnight. This applies to all stores so do not expect to nip out to the 7-Eleven or Tesco and buy a few beers mid-afternoon.

Of course, you may order alcohol in bars and restaurants anytime and - strangely enough - you can buy in bulk (a case of wine or whisky) at anytime of day but if you enjoy an afternoon holiday tipple it's best to stock up first. 

Jungceylon Phuket Facilities

  • 7 banks
  • 5 eyewear outlets
  • 40 clothing and accessory outlets
  • 10 fast food and beverage outlets
  • 1 food court
  • 2 furniture outlets
  • 10 health and beauty outlets
  • 1 pet store
  • 2 electronics and IT stores
  • 20 five restaurants
  • 1 Thai arts and crafts centre consisting of 70 shops and 35 kiosks
  • 1 tailor's shop
  • 2 travel and luggage outlets


Jungceylon Phuket

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • Address: 199 Rat-U-thit 200 Pee Road, near Bangla Road, Patong
  • Tel: +66 (0)7 660 0111
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