Tenta Nakara, Phuket, Nearby Island, Thailand


Tenta Nakara, Phuket, Nearby Island, Thailand

Tenta Nakara is possibly the only Luxury Tent – Island Resort on the entire Island of Phuket. The lack of electricity on this small – unspoiled Island hideaway enhances the genuine feeling of inner peace. Guests are provided with oil lamps and candles used for light while electricity are generated and used only in the restaurant area.

@ Our commitment is to give you nature in the most natural way, to preserve the environment with its rustic simplicity, unobtrusive design and attention to comfort without compromising the ecosystem.

Strategically located on the idyllic island paradise of Koh Nakha Yai just off the East Coast of Phuket, Tenta Nakara is a Luxury Tent – Beach Resort which offers its guests breathtaking views of Phang Nga Bay, pure white sandy beaches and the serenity of being almost in the center of newly discovered rainforest.

While its seclusion allows guest complete privacy and a retreat from urban life, Tenta Nakara is still within minutes of Phuket’s essential services and attractions.

The property rests on the slope of the ridge above a golden beach with clear water. From the top of the property, it falls away dramatically to the beach providing each square foot of property with panoramic ocean views of Phang nga Bay and stunning beauty of surrounding islands. The small private beach with fine white sand gently slopes into the calm Phan Nga Bay.

It is everything you’ve ever dreamed of for a perfect retreat but never believed you could find… Until now.

Tenta Nakara, Phuket, Nearby Island, Thailand

  • These units are set in second row bungalows in lush garden with filtered sea view. It is set on gentle slope with low front terrace and convenient walking distant of about 40-50 meters to the restaurant and beach. It is ideal for senior travelers or family with infants or kids under 8 years old.
  • They are of same designs and details as 1 Bedroom Garden view but are set in 3rd and 4th row bungalows with garden and stunning panorama view of Phang Nga bay. The further you go up provides wider view of the bay but further distant from the restaurant. Third row is about 8 meters high and
  • They are of same design as Garden and Panorama bungalows but set in first row with open view to beach. It is with expanded front terrace to 16 square meters equipped with 2 sun bed and umbrella for day use. The front terrace can accommodate 2 extra camping tents adequate for 4 extra floor mattresses for


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