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  • Top 10 Restaurants in Bangtao

    Best Places to Eat in Bangtao Beach - Phuket

    The greatest concentration of high-end hotels and resorts are based in Bangtao Beach on Phuket’s west coast, and where there is five-star luxury, there are fine-dining restaurants to match. But Phuket is slightly more complicated than this, and as a cosmopolitan holiday destination it offers an eclectic choice of quality restaurants apt to satisfy any customer whatever their financial means.

    Our list of Top 10 Restaurants in Bangtao perfectly reflects this state of affairs, and presents a broad-ranging choice of the most quoted dining venues located along the five-kilometre long beach of Bangtao. This list features internationally-recognised Chef’s bistros, casual chic and modern venues, and popular atmospheric restaurants.

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    DeDos is certainly one the most talked about restaurants in the Bangtao area, and this is for obvious reasons: Chef Pablo Blattman studied cuisine at Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon (France) and has been working in some highly regarded restaurants in France (Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or – two Michelin stars) and Switzerland (Susu’s – three Toques Guide Bleu) before opening DeDos in 2008. DeDos culinary creations are not only aesthetically delighting, but bursting with flavour thanks to a blend of French, Thai, Japanese and Mediterranean tastes and textures.

    DeDos’ atmosphere and décor are as refined as the cuisine served; with air-conditioned and ‘al fresco’ dining areas, DeDos is the perfect place for fine dining and special occasions. High quality comes at a certain price though so expect a rather steep bill. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: Daily from 18:00-23:00
    • Location: Tinlay Place on Lagoon Road
    • Tel: 076-325182
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    Dream Beach Club is a stylish, laid-back place to relax and party right on Layan Beach. Part of the world-renowned Dream brand from New York City, it is one of very few clubs in Phuket which is right by the sand and is one of the largest clubs of its kind in the whole of Thailand, featuring two swimming pools, four bars and over 100 comfortable sun loungers.

    Replacing the once famous Nikki Beach Club at the very northern extreme of Bangtao Beach, Dream opened in December 2015 after the site had undergone quite significant renovations. While it still targets the party crowd, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. The music selection played by the resident DJ – who is positioned above the swim-up bar in one of the pools – is mostly smooth R&B, jazz and chill-out tracks. Read More...

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    Flame, Bake, and Pasta are three restaurants in one place. Set in a tidy, tropical garden under the shade of coconut trees, the three restaurants are built in a contemporary style and each of them offers a slightly different atmosphere and décor as well as a cuisine type according to their respective name: Bake is air-conditioned and serves excellent bakery and pastry products from whole wheat breads to croissants and chocolate cookies; Flame is an open-sided rotisserie serving roasted meats and pizzas; and Pasta is an open-air restaurant set around an oval bar and kitchen serving something like a dozen different types of pasta and nearly 20 sauces to accompany them.

    Flame, Bake, and Pasta are located 200m after Tinlay Place on the Lagoon Road toward Laguna Phuket Resort Complex. It is a trendy yet casual venue to dine at affordable prices.

    • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:30
    • Location: toward the Laguna entrance in Cherng Talay
    • Tel: 076-271018
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    The Bistro Bangtao
    The Bistro Bangtao

    The Bistro Bangtao is a popular bar and restaurant located in the small village near the southern end of Bangtao Beach. Created and run by Thai Chef Kanjana Sangasri, who spent most of her life working in Sweden, The Bistro’s cuisine subtly blends all her culinary background with its various influences from Thai classics to northeastern Thai (Isan) to Swedish.

    Featuring a contemporary style décor in open-sided and al fresco dining areas, the atmosphere at The Bistro Bangtao is relaxed and the service professional and friendly. Excellent Thai and international food, nice tropical settings, and reasonable rates, no wonder why The Bistro Bangtao is packed almost every night.

    • Opening Hours: 14:00 – 23:00
    • Location: in the centre of Bangtao village diagonally opposed Bangtao Beach Chalet
    • Tel: 076-314311
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    Black Cat is a long-established restaurant on Bangtao’s dining scene; opened in 1996 and run by a friendly Franco-Thai couple – Philippe and Meow – Black Cat is as popular with local and expatriated residents as it is with visitors. Located on Bandon-Cherng Talay Road (diagonally opposite Bangtao fresh market), the restaurant is spotless and has a very nice local décor made of bamboo and wood with tropical plants.

    Its friendly atmosphere is just one of the reasons for its popularity, as it is for the quality of its cuisine that Black Cat stands out: its huge menu features an incredible range of dishes that could satisfy the choosiest customer. From Thai favourites to French classics to Mediterranean delicacies to Italian treats, all of them skillfully prepared by talented cooks and served by diligent staff, dining at Black Cat is indeed a treat…and the affordable rates is the cherry on top of the cake. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 11:30 – 15:00 17:30 – 01:00 daily except Sunday 17:30 – 01:00
    • Location: between Bangtao police station and Laguna Phuket entrance on Bandon-Cherng Talay Road
    • Tel: 076-271180 or 081-7879701
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    Bliss Beach Club is a trendy venue located toward the southern end of Bangtao Beach, just south of Sunwing Resort & Spa. Set in a long one-storey modern building with a large wooden deck overlooking the sea, it is indeed a stylish venue mixing hi-tech and vintage décor elements in its interior.

    The menu is rather short but reflects perfectly the spirit of a beach club: a place to relax and party with friends or family around a drink and snacks. With 28 wine labels ‘by the glass’ and a choice of pizzas, burgers, stir-fried chicken, salads and more prepared by a talented Australian Chef who worked for celebrity chef Neil Perry , Bliss is the perfect for a pleasant evening under the stars rocked by the cool sounds mixed by the resident DJ. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00 - late
    • Tel: 076-510150
    • How to get there: Take the road next to Tesco Lotus in Bangtao about a kilometre and turn left at the T-intersection. Pass the Sunwing Resort on your right and Sugar Cane Restaurant on your left and continue on 200 metres to the entrance on your right.
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    Ceramic Kitchen is an original restaurant located on Srisoontorn Road approximately 2.5km from Phuket Heroines Monument when heading toward Surin and Bangtao beaches. At the same time ceramic outlet and trendy restaurant, the venue is greatly decorated and has a very local yet stylish touch with its adobe walls, wooden beams and poles, and thatch roof.

    Ceramic Kitchen has two menus: Thai and international; the Thai menu hosts all classic favourites of southern cuisine – with a lot of seafood – while the international menu features a great selection of British, Indian, and even Mexican delicacies: it is not fine-dining but it is pretty well done. In the evening, the restaurant is usually quite busy and has a festive ambience with live music. The rather large size of the restaurant and its configuration also makes it a great place for a romantic dinner. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 24:00
    • Location: 185/15 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Rd between the Heroines’ Monument and the Cherng Talay PTT petrol station
    • Tel: 076-272151
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    360 degrees is the signature restaurant of Phuket Pavilions Resort in the northern area of Bangtao Beach. Set at the top of a hill, this restaurant could not be more aptly named as it literally offers outstanding panoramic views to the four cardinal points; the western side remaining the most important for its daily sunset.

    360 degrees is open-air and set on a large wooden deck chicly furnished with comfortable rattan sofas and glass tables; only the bar and its immediate surroundings are covered by a sail-shaped tarpaulin, giving the place an ultra-modern touch. The cuisine here is fine and delicate, blending flavours from all around the world in a palatial delight; a sommelier is also here to help guests in choosing the best label to complement their dishes. 360 degrees is the right place for special occasions and romantic dinners. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 23:00
    • Location: in Phuket Pavilions Resort
    • Tel: 076-317600
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    Tatonka is a long-established culinary institution in Phuket; opened in 1996 by Chef Harold Schwarz, it has been and still is an unpretentious temple of fusion cuisine. Located on Tinlay Place, a pool of excellent dining opportunities in the Bangtao area, Tatonka means ‘big deer’ in Native American, which is the reason why the restaurant’s décor and furnishing boasts a superb North American-Indian theme.

    Chef Harold Schwarz’s cuisine blends Asian and western flavours with an intense Cajun influence, giving a unique taste to his creations; his most favoured dishes are Blackened bonito (tuna) with cucumber seaweed salad, Sashimi spring rolls in Saigon paper with honey wasabi dip, Sichuan duck breast with crispy wonton noodles, and Spiced gazpacho with crispy eggplant cookies and goat cheese. With excellent reasonably priced cuisine and relaxed atmosphere, Tatonka is definitely a recommended place to dine. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 18:00 – late. Closed on Sundays
    • Location: Tinlay Place, Cherng Talay
    • Tel: 076-324349
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    Siam Supper Club is a stylish and cosy venue located on Tinlay Place at the entrance of Laguna Phuket Resort Complex. Viewed from outside, it has a modern and rather cold style with white rectangular columns and bright neon lights, but as soon as you enter the restaurant the feeling is exactly the opposite: warm and comfortable with wood-paneled walls, crimson carpets, dark wooden furnishing and large framed portraits of the most-famous Jazz musicians, this ‘gentleman’s club’ is decidedly welcoming.

    Thai and western dishes share the menu of this long-established hip and funky restaurant in Phuket. All dishes are simply delicious and a special note has to be made about their cheesecake which is reputed as one of the best in the world by returning customers. Every night, live soft Jazz music is played by talented musicians, adding to the exclusive feeling induced by dining in such a beautiful place. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 01:00
    • Location: Tinlay Place at the entrance of Laguna Phuket in Cherng Talay
    • Tel: 076-270936
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