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  • Top 5 Nightlife in Karon Beach

    Best Places to Go at Night in Karon Beach

    Karon, often described as ‘Patong’s little sister’, has its own version of Patong's raunchy Soi Bangla – only on a smaller scale and it too has its dining locations, only fewer than Patong.

    Most of the nightlife is centred in the bars off Patak Road near the northern traffic circle and three kilometres to the south on, and just off, Luang Poh Chuan Road. The latter is known as Bangla Plaza (that should ring a bell in Patong fans’ heads) and is a collection of beer bars with hostesses in which you can enjoy a few bar games and more. All in all Karon is more a family destination and is all the more charming for that.

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    Bangla Plaza
    Bangla Plaza

    This set of shop-house sized bars is on the right of the main road, coming away from the beach. The soi is lined with bars and they're mostly girlie or ladyboy venues. All are open-sided with extra tables outside featuring the occasional pool table and go by the names of Winner Bar, My Way Bar, Nan, Nightflower, Black Cat and Jinda.

    There’s more of the same all the way to the end of the alley, the only exception being Montana Music Bar situated in a sub soi to the right about halfway down. This is an air-conditioned place with a few outside stools that specialises in retro music and is free from over-friendly ladies. Good area for barhopping.

    • Opening Hours: 17:00 – late daily
    • Location: Off Patak Road
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    This Irish pub is one of its kind in Karon – serving international ales, bottled beer and all-day quality and value-for-money pub food, there are no over-flattering girls telling you how handsome you are, and there's no ear-splitting music but expect plenty of sports on the huge screens and a genuine pub feel to the place along with an international feel to the place.

    There is also occasional live music and when there is, it’s the place to be in the area as the place rocks. The establishment occupies the corner of a contemporary-style building which hosts four rooms for rent (the pub is also a guesthouse). The place is neat and clean without much originality but still interesting for Asian punters who have never visited Ireland. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 - 24:00
    • Location: Soi Centara Karon Resort
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    Soi One Man
    Soi One Man

    One Man, a soi containing a dozen or so girlie bars, among them the Cherry Bar, Lucky Bar, Kenny's Bar, Sahara, Eva, September Bar and Bacchus. They’re all open sided, quite intimate yet pretty noisy but the good thing is that they stay open late and are suited to night owls. Some bars feature pool tables and have dartboards.

    The street is festively lit by overhead strings of bulbs and in high season it rocks while in low season it’s rather quiet. The soi also features two Aussie bars – Karon Aussie Bar and Kenny’s Aussie Bar where you can catch live music from 20:00 – onwards. Finally, Mona Bar at the end of the soi is perhaps a good place to go to chill out.

    • Location: Off Patak Road, Karon Centre
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    Anybody’s Bar
    Anybody’s Bar

    A small and intimate bar, its main feature being its loud music and a big screen TV with sports and movies. It’s rightly named too, as it could be anywhere and you could be with anyone here. If you’re ever looking for the most stereotypical bar in this area Anybody’s Bar will fit the bill.

    You’re not exactly going to run into Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie here but you may be approached by a friendly hostess who will more than likely ask for a ‘lady drink’ – an overpriced concoction which is a way of her making a percentage of the price and who knows? One thing could lead to another…

    • Opening Hours: 18:00 - Late
    • Location: Opposite Gun Bar, Patak Road
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    Karon Plaza is an L-shaped location along Lung Phochuan Road in Karon. Made up of guesthouses, bars, restaurants, beauty salons and massage parlours, it’s a setup that is not going to win any travel awards for its beauty but is nevertheless an amusing place to stroll through, especially at night, when the place comes alive and the bars are rocking.

    Those after a little racy nightlife (though decidedly pedestrian compared to Patong’s Soi Bangla) can check out Happy Bar and Enjoy Joy’s bar with its friendly hostesses (‘Alloo where you go?’) and the next door 75 Cent Reggae Bar and Art with occasional pay-per-entrance live music and large-screen TV showing sporting events. You’ll find a few massage parlours in Karon Plaza, some traditional, some not. Read More...

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