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  • Top 10 Night Spots in Kata Beach

    Best Places to Go at Night in Kata Beach

    Whilst no Patong, Kata Beach has plenty of options in the way of nightlife. The venues located in and around this popular Phuket west coast resort town can deliver a great after-dark experience for those who like to have fun and go to sleep late.

    Our Top 10 Night Spots in Kata Beach features an eclectic choice of venues apt to satisfy mostly everyone; from the stylish atmosphere of a trendy beach club to the laid-back ambiance of a cool Reggae bar on the beach, there’s surely something for your taste in Kata Beach.

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    RE KÁ TA is a trendy Beach Club located right next to the Boathouse (both venues are part of the same company) near the southern end of Kata Beach, which is also the base for the annual King’s Cup Regatta, so it’s easy to see how the place got its clever name. With a modern look and a definite emphasis on all that is fashionable, RE KÁ TA is popular with visitors who want to spend time on the beach but who appreciate top-range amenities, bold décor and great food. Regarding food, fresh, preservative-free products are the order of the day at RE KÁ TA and it prides itself on sourcing only the best.

    The lounge section of RE KÁ TA has piped-in music ranging from light hip-hop to rumba to evergreens. Not intrusive, but nevertheless a definite presence, the sounds are very much part of this area whereas the restaurant and terrace are quieter. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 24:00 daily
    • Location: 182-184 Koktanod Road, Kata Beach
    • Tel: 076-330421
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    This iconic Ska Bar is tucked away amongs the huge granite boulders at the southern end of Kata Beach. As the name implies, it is run by dreadlocked Rastafarians with a keen sense of business as this place is hopping most nights, with many making the sunset hour a priority. The sounds here are mostly reggae with a touch of hip-hop and R&B and the drink of choice a cold Chang Beer.

    Ska Bar is set on different levels linked between them by wooden terraces and passages; it is quite compact so it can easily feel crowded - but that’s an advantage as there is a marked sense of camaraderie with lots of friendly drinkers and there are even fire dancers on the beach to keep things hot and interesting. Read More...

    • Location: Very south end of Kata Beach
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    Dino Park is an original mini-golf course and restaurant located right in between Karon and Kata beaches on the Beach Road itself. The course brings players back to prehistoric era, they will pass a primeval swamp, go through a lava cave, flank a moving and roaring T-Rex, pass under a 12-metre waterfall and beneath an erupting volcano - all with impressive lighting and sound effects.

    After a typical round of 40 minutes to an hour the restaurant is a great place to cool off with a cold drink or burger, served up by Fred and Wilma Flintstones dress-alike waiters and waitresses. Popular with both adults and kids, Dino Park is an ideal family outing destination. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 daily
    • Location: Beach Road – directly between Karon and Kata Beaches next to Marina Phuket Resort
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    After Beach Bar is just a short drive up the steep hill out of south Kata by Boathouse - you’ll see a group of parked cars outside three rather ad hoc restaurant/bars precariously clinging to the hill. These are After Beach Bar, Small Viewpoint and Baan Chom View. After Beach Bar itself is the establishment in the middle of these three. Here, the sun setting into the Andaman is accompanied by the almost non-stop flow of Bob Marley tunes on the stereo and the staff is made up of dreadlocked Rastafarians and suspiciously 'relaxed’ locals. Décor consists of wagon wheels, raw plank shelving with Thai and (of course) Jamaican flags.

    The handwritten photo menu is in Thai, Russian and English, and features a good long list of cocktails at just about reasonable prices (the elevated location means elevated prices but you get what you pay for), a bottled beer selection, Thai and international dishes with even a few dishes coming from Thailand’s distinctive northeastern cuisine.  Read More...

    • Location: On the hill road between Kata and Rawai, directly above Kata Noi Beach
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    Surf House Phuket is every surfer’s dream: a place where you can ride the waves every day no matter what the weather conditions. With an adjacent bar and restaurant, Surf House Phuket is a world to itself and as a result it is tremendously popular. Located by the Kata/Karon administrative offices at Kata Beach, Surf House features the only surf machine in the south of Thailand.

    Apart from the pool area there’s a trendy and busy café/restaurant to the side with cool sounds, bamboo trimmings, buffed concrete floors, heavy wooden furniture and wall-mounted mini surfboards as a decorative theme. A larger rooftop restaurant with vistas out over the beach offers a perfect sundowner spot and a cool place to spend an evening at. If you’re looking for a California-style challenging aqua-adventure in the company of a young international crowd, then Surf House Phuket is just the right place to be. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
    • Location: Southern Kata Beach
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    ‘Sabai’ means ‘comfortable’ in Thai and never was a place so aptly named as this bar/restaurant in a ‘secret’ location in the jungle between Nai Harn and Kata. Every new arrival is made to feel welcome by the chirpy girls behind the large central bar. Sabai Corner has been built on a bluff overlooking some of the best beach views on the island. Those of a certain age who claim they ‘cannot remember the sixties’ will love it here as the background music is like an auditory Hall of Fame from that era: The Band, The Beach Boys, CCR, The Byrds, The Moody Blues are all queuing up to refresh your memory.

    Sabai Corner is a good place for a romantic moment but most of all it’s the absolute epitome of tranquility with unbeatable views and a friendly and welcoming team. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
    • Location: On the road leading down from the Kata/Karon viewpoint
    • Tel: 089-8755525
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    Easyriders is a long-established pub in Kata Beach. Kata used to have only one rocking music venue and this was it. With all the paraphernalia that goes along with Thai rock – huge choppers, lots of wood, buffalo skull and Confederate flags, Easyriders isn’t exactly original but it is loud, friendly, has excellent live music and is open daily. Not a large place, it gets going past 23:00 and doesn’t even open until 22:00.

    The three-piece band performing at Easyriders gathers talented musicians from diverse origins in Asia - Thai, Filipino, and welcomes any punter who’d like to jam with them; playing blues, rock and heavy rock classics from ‘born to be wild’ to ‘rock bottom’ to ‘Angie’, people nostalgic of the great musical era of the ‘60s and ‘70s will enjoy this sound travel back in time experience.

    • Location: Small soi (on the left if heading to the beach) off Thai Na Road, Kata Centre
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    Phuket certainly has its share of colourful characters and one of the most genial is Ricky Zen, an American-born entertainer who has been on the island for 15 years. Ricky has seen a lot of the world through his role as an all-round entertainer, host, and musician; his wry interpretations of evergreens, rock ‘n roll, and comic rewrites of songs are staples of his show.

    Ricky’s now running RNR Eco Adventures Pool Villa Dive Resort & Hostel in Kata – a hotel cum hostel, cum restaurant, cum dive centre. In fact it’s so many things rolled into one that it’s nigh on impossible to put your finger on exactly what the main thrust of the place is but it is safe to say that if you’re looking for a friendly bunch of people RNR is the place to head to. The prices here are amazingly low for a west coast restaurant and they are just one reason why RNR is a highly recommendable place. Read More...

    • Location: 7 Khoktanod Road, Kata (by the fire station)
    • Tel: 081-0884965
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    Café Opera Live
    Café Opera Live

    Café Opera Live is a cool venue that has been opened since 2010 in Soi Malisa some 200m from the beach of Kata. Under Swedish management, Café Opera Live is a restaurant serving a great choice of Thai and international at affordable rates (Thai dishes at 119 baht, Mojito and cocktails at 99 baht). The quality of the food is certainly what made this venue so popular through the years, but its relaxed ambience and its friendly service (well-spoken English by most of the staff) are also winners.

    Café Opera Live owns its name for the fact it is not only a restaurant, it also features an excellent live band that performs every night to entertain its guests. The music played here features classic and modern pop, folk and R&B tunes, delivered at a decent volume thus allowing conversations. The venue’s terrace is also a great people-watching spot.

    • Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00 – 01:00
    • Location: Soi Malisa, near the entrance to Malisa Villa Suites
    • Tel: 082-44231223
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    Robert's Pub
    Robert's Pub

    Robert's Pub is a rocking venue located on Thai Na Road in Kata Centre. Once the star of the show at Easyriders, Robert is a truly impressive showman with great guitar and vocal skills. Expect an evening of excitement and great covers as the band go through old favourites at the speed of light.

    Not the place for a quiet conversation, Robert’s Pub is also free of pushy bargirls (there are a few bars dedicated to that kind of business on the other side of the road) and a sign at the door half seriously requests that you refrain from taking any firearms in, just in case you’re packing a piece. As it doesn’t open until 22:00, the pub gets going a lot later than most Kata bars.

    • Opening Hours: 22:00 - late
    • Location: Towards the east end (away from the beach) of Thai Na Road
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