Top 10 Shopping in Phuket Town

Best Places to Shop in Phuket Town

Phuket Town is and always has been the prime centre of all commercial activities in Phuket. The historical district (Phuket Old Town) has been built from mid 19th century onward during the tin mining’s boom, an era which saw the construction of the first ever hotel in Phuket (On On Hotel opened in 1929) to accommodate merchants from abroad. Nowadays, Phuket Old Town is still a well-patronized shopping hub and the fast development of Phuket, due to its exponential tourism affluence, has also catalysed the development of several large shopping malls and supermarkets on the outskirts of the city.

Our list of Top 10 Shopping in Phuket Town presents a broard choice of shopping opportunities featuring modern department stores, local markets, bazaar-like emporiums and stylish boutiques that are all very popular and well-stocked.

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Central Festival Phuket is the second largest shopping mall in Phuket after Jungceylon in Patong Beach. Located at the intersection of Bypass and Wichitsongkram roads in a four-storey building, you could find here mostly anything.

Hosting something like 120 outlets (fashion, electronics, accessories, souvenirs, cosmetics, photography, health, optic, culture, jewellery, and more), a three-storey department store (featuring international brands such as Levi’s, Billabong, Camel, and AIIZ, just to name a few), about 50 restaurants/food outlets, and an SFX Coliseum movie theatre, Central Festival Phuket is the most important shopping hub in Phuket, and the perfect place to spend an entire rainy day with no chance to get bored. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 10:30 - 22:00
  • Location: On the Bypass Road in Phuket Town
  • Tel: 076 291 111
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Phuket Weekend Market is the most fascinating shopping fair in Phuket. Often compared – on a smaller scale - to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, it is held every Saturdays and Sundays on the outskirts of Phuket Town, one kilometre South from Central Festival.

Three main zones share the 30,000sqm area on which the market is held: the largest zone sell first-hand products ranging from fashion, clothes, accessories, souvenirs, fishing equipment, copy DVDs, copy software CDs, live animals (from hamster to cat to snake), in fact mostly anything that could be sold; the second largest zone is dedicated to food (what would be a Thai market without anything edible?) from cakes to ready-made dishes (there are tables and chairs), to Thai popular snacks (including fried insects); the third zone is dedicated to second-hand goods, tee shirts, various objects fell off the back of a truck, shoes, and the like. Surprising, fascinating and lively are the three words that describe the best this must-see market. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 16:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Phuket Weekend Market is located along Chao Fa West Road, Phuket’s main thoroughfare, one kilometre south of Central Festival shopping mall and is opposite Wat Naka, a Buddhist temple. Take a left at the first set of traffic lights.
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Phuket Walking Street is a lively fair held every Sundays on Thalang Road in the heart of Phuket Old Town. This famous street went through renovation in 2012 during which all electric cables were buried in a way to restore its past splendor; in addition, well-thought colour-changing lighting effects have been added on the facade of each house in the street, giving this historical street a great modern touch.

The main products available at Phuket Walking Street are clothing, handcrafted souvenirs, and food (mostly local favourites). This market is somehow more the occasion for an end of afternoon promenade, meeting friends, grabbing a snack and having a drink than a pure commercial interest; it is anyway extremely popular and frequented by both locals and visitors. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Every Sundays from 16:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Thalang Road in Phuket Old Town
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Premium Outlet Phuket is a rather large shopping complex located on the Bypass Road in the northern part of Phuket Town. Featuring about 50 boutiques in which you could find something like 300 brand-names (most of them are international) sold at bargain prices due to the fact that they are left-over from the previous collection/year. Fashion, shoes, accessories, sport equipments (including golf), children clothing, toys, handcrafted products, they are all here with discounts that can be up to 70% of their original prices!

Premium Outlet Village is aptly named as it looks like a small town with streets in which you go window-shopping. A few outlets sell drinks and snacks. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 – 21:00
  • Location: On the Bypass Road
  • Tel: 076-350500
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Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson is certainly the most famous brand of silk products in the world and this for three main reasons: firstly, the outstanding quality of its articles; secondly, the talent and tenacity of Jim Thompson in reviving the silk industry in Thailand; and thirdly, the mystery around his disappearance in the Cameron Highlands (Malaysia) in 1967.

The main Jim Thompson outlet is located on the ground floor of Central Festival Phuket; in here you could find all the products that made this brand that famous: linen shirts, kimonos, silk duvet covers, silk scarves, shopping bags, leather wallets, silk ties, and a lot more. Prices are on par with the quality and the brand-name, so expect them to be fancy. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:30 – 22:00
  • Location: Ground floor Central Festival Phuket
  • Tel: 076-249615(6)
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Supercheap, just north of Phuket Town, is well worth a visit. Almost the size of a city block, it is a sprawling warehouse-like shop stacked high with every product you could possibly imagine and more. If there is any logic to it, it would be difficult to explain, but its seeming lack of logic is the very essence of its charm. Retail chaos under one roof is hard to come by in the west but here in Thailand it is very much alive and kicking.

Entirely burnt-down in the evening of October 16th 2013, this mythical place has been rebuilt, this time with fireproof solid and modern materials, and reopened in June 2014. The new Supercheap has nevertheless retained a great part of its soul yet offers a cleaner and more comfortable shopping experience. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Thepkasattri Road, Phuket Town, on the road heading north out to Phuket airport.
  • Tel: 076-216791
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Phuket Square and Expo markets are two bazaar-like shopping emporiums facing each other on Tilok Uthit 2 Road (diagonally opposite Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel) in Phuket Town. The items for sale here are rather similar to those found at Phuket Weekend Market with a notable difference: shopping here is slightly more comfortable due to the neon-lit ‘hangar-style’ of the venue which allows shopping whatever the weather conditions.

Clothing, accessories, and handcrafted gifts stalls organized in rows offer good souvenirs to bring back home, considering that the same items sold on Phuket’s West coast are sold here at discounted prices, after bargaining (with a smile!) of course. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00
  • Location: At the corner of Chana-Charoen and Tilok-U-Thit 2 roads.
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Ban Boran Textiles
Ban Boran Textiles

Ban Boran Textiles is a cosy vintage boutique located on Yaowarat Road in Phuket Old Town. Opened in 1998, this store is specialised in genuine textiles – silk, raw silk, and cotton – articles handcrafted in northern and northeastern villages of Thailand. Featuring quality colourful clothing, wall hanging, sarongs, table cloths and bags, Ban Boran Textiles is, despite its tiny size, pretty famous in Phuket.

Wandee Kaewthawee, Phuket-born co-owner of the boutique, shares her knowledge and passion for Asian textiles with customers. Besides textiles, Ban Boran also hosts a great collection of silver ornaments made by Ka Riang tribes in northern Thailand; these rare jewellery items (Ban Boran is the only place in Phuket where they could be found) are of course for sale.

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 18:30
  • Address: 51 Yaowarat Road, Phuket City
  • Tel: 076-258249
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Think Positive (Kit Dee)
Think Positive (Kit Dee)

Think Positive (Kit Dee) is a retail store located near the entrance of Yaowarat Road (50m on the left from the fountain circle) in Phuket Old Town. Hosting a prodigious amount of items of various origins, it is some kind of a fascinating place to purchase Asian souvenirs and gifts.

At think positive you could find Thai silk scarves, Kashmir wool wall hanging, Burmese wooden Buddha heads, Chinese and Japanese silk gowns, Indian clothes, Chinese terracotta statues, and a lot more. At first sight, the amount of items and their haphazard display can be destabilising, but it doesn’t take long to be attracted by one article or the other. Prices are reasonable and even negotiable with the shop owner or his assistant; Think Positive is indeed a great place to shop for Asian arts & crafts.

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 21:00
  • Location: Next to Siam Bakery, close by the Fountain traffic circle on Yaowarat Road
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Ranong Road and its two markets - Talaad Sod Satarana and downtown market - is the historical shopping hub of Phuket Town. Featuring dozens of small shops selling a wide range of products from gardening tools to clothing to wicker baskets to live chicken to jewelleries (there are 10 gold shops within the first 100 metres of the street!), just to name a few. As Ranong Road is also the local bus (songtheaw) station, it is indeed a very local and lively place.

Downtown Market is open mostly 24/7, while Talaad Sod Satarana is open from 05:00 to 11:00. The former is open-air and has a good choice of local fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood on sale; the latter is set in a three-storey building in which you could find almost anything from biscuits to dried-seafood to clothing to fresh meat, and more. Ranong Road is a nice place to wander around and get a glimpse of southern Thaiand everyday’s life. Read More...

  • Location: running from Rassada Road in Phuket Old Town
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