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Discover the best of Phuket in a matter of minutes with our top 10 pages compiling the prime hotels, restaurants, shops, night spots, sightseeing attractions and leisure activities in the most renowned destinations of the ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’.

From the hustle & bustle of Patong Beach, to the family-friendly atmosphere of Karon and Kata beaches, to the unpretentious tropical atmosphere of Kamala Beach, to the luxurious exotic ambience of Bangtao Beach, to the charming vintage feel of Phuket Town, the island of Phuket has something for everyone to spend an unforgettable holiday. Check out our top 10 pages, and know more before to come to Phuket.

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Patong Beach is the apex of almost everything in Phuket Island: It has the island's largest shopping mall - Jungceylon - the liveliest nightlife with hundreds of bars, clubs, and A Go-Go bars, some of the best restaurants in Phuket are there, along with almost countless ethnic and exotic dishes served daily, it's attractions are undisputed with out-of-the-way beaches just a long-tail boat ride away and of course its nightlife is in itself an attraction in its own right.

Have a look at our Top Ten listings and discover more about this fascinating west coast destination - you'll be surprised: Patong has a lot more going for it than even its frenetic and bold face suggests.

Top 10 Patong Hotels

15 Best Hotels in Patong Beach

This list of the 15 best hotels in Patong showcases the pinnacle of accommodation options in this bustling resort town. Read More...

Top 10 Patong Attractions

10 Best Things to Do in Patong

Discover our Top 10 Attractions in (and near) Patong Beach, from its notorious nightlife’s heart – Bangla Read More...

Top 10 Patong Beach Restaurants

Top 10 Patong Restaurants

Our Top 10 Patong Restaurants List features long-established diners that, through the years, have offered their Read More...

Top 10 Patong Nightlife

Top 10 Patong Nightlife

Check out our Top 10 Patong Nightlife listing which pretty well covers all that the resort town has to offer by way of Read More...

Top 10 Patong Shopping

Top 10 Patong Shopping

Patong Beach Shopping comes as a surprise to a lot of visitors. Patong is more known for its electrifying nightlife than Read More...


Karon Beach is one of the most sought-after destinations on Phuket's west coast. Featuring the third longest beach on the island (after Mai Khao and Bangtao), Karon is a family friendly resort town that has all the assets to please any vacationer with a good choice of dining, shopping and nightlife options, as well as a few interesting attractions.

Have a look at our Top Ten listings and discover more about this beautiful seaside destination - you'll be surprised: Karon has a lot more to offer than its lazy tropical face suggests.

Top 10 Karon Hotels

10 Best Hotels in Karon Beach

Our Top 10 Hotels in Karon Beach's list hosts the most frequented resorts available in Karon, from the affordable Access Read More...

Top 5 Karon Attractions

Top 10 Karon Attractions

Our Top 5 Attractions in Karon Beach’s list features the must-see places and the must-do activities in this beautiful Read More...

Top 10 Karon Restaurants

Top 10 Karon Restaurants

From the discreet service and lighting to full-on frenetic serving, there’s a lot of variety and the chance to dine out Read More...

Top 10 Karon Nightlife

Top 5 Karon Nightlife

Karon, often described as ‘Patong’s little sister’, has its own version of Patong's raunchy Soi Bangla – only on a Read More...

Top 10 Karon Shopping

Top 7 Karon Shopping

Karon Beach shopping, generally speaking, is a lot less frenzied than the Patong shopping experience. Karon is Read More...


Kamala is the perfect destination if you're looking to spend most of your holiday time on or around the beach. This small resort town used to be a quiet fishing village until the end of the seventies, when it started its slow but steady development. Although Kamala today is more tourist-friendly, it still somehow retains much of its quaint seaside-town soul. The peaceful northern part of the two-kilometre-long Kamala Beach is a well looked after surf spot in low season (May-November), while its southern part is a great family-friendly strip of sand fringed by shallow waters.

We have found the best of Kamala’s hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, which are all presented below. Our selection offers an eclectic choice of venues apt to satisfy everyone’s tastes and budgets.

Top 10 Kamala Hotels

10 Best Hotels in Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is somehow a place apart on Phuket’s west coast: surrounded by mountain covered with thick jungle yet Read More...

Top 10 Kamala Attractions

Top 5 Kamala Attractions

Kamala Beach may be a haven for people looking for a peaceful holiday destination in Phuket; it nevertheless hosts one Read More...

Top 10 Kamala Restaurants

Top 10 Kamala Restaurants

Our list of top restaurants in Kamala is as eclectic as can be, including high-end sophisticated restaurants and Read More...

Top 5 Kamala Nightlife

Top 5 Kamala Nightlife

Regarding nightlife, Kamala Beach hosts enough cool venues to satisfy mellow partygoers, the other could go to party a Read More...

Top 5 Kamala Shopping

Top 5 Kamala Shopping

The best shopping opportunities in Kamala Beach resides in the genuine local markets held three times per week in this Read More...


Kata Beach has all the assets of a tropical dream destination for a vacation in Phuket Island. Located on the southern part of the west coast, just south of Karon Beach (to which it belongs on the municipality level), Kata features two superb beaches: Kata Yai and Kata Noi; the former is the first beach that has been developed for tourism in the early 80s with the opening of Club Med Kata; the latter is a little gem, particularly sought after for surfing during low season.

As one of the favourite destinations in Phuket, Kata Beach features a great choice of attractions as well as dining, shopping, and nightlife opportunities for the whole family. Discover the best of what Kata has to offer in our Top 10 listings below...

Top 10 Kata Hotels

10 Best Hotels in Kata Beach

Our Top 10 Hotels in Kata Beach's list reflects perfectly the description above: you will find here the best that Kata Read More...

Top 10 Kata Attractions

11 Best Things to Do in Kata

Kata Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. This 1.5km-long strip of sand is fringed by shade-giving Read More...

Top 10 Kata Restaurants

Top 10 Kata Restaurants

Kata Beach has a fair amount of good dining choices as well as a few excellent top-of-the-range restaurants which, while Read More...

Top 10 Kata Nightlife

Top 10 Kata Nightlife

Kata Beach nightlife scene has enough choice to satisfy the average partygoer. The venues available here can deliver a Read More...

Top 10 Karon/Kata Shopping

Top 10 Kata Shopping

Shopping in Kata is a little spread out with the nucleus being around Kata’s three-way intersection in the centre of Read More...


Bangtao is known as a luxury destination on the famous west coast of Phuket, but it stands out for more than one reason: this large open bay is the second longest beach in Phuket right after Mai Khao Beach; Bangtao hosts a world famous luxury resort complex called Laguna Phuket which contains seven resorts including the favoured Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort & Villas and Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, and, apart from its sophisticated and exclusive side, Bangtao also offers a myriad of affordable quality venues on its southern and northern parts, including restaurants, boutiques, and bars.

Our Top 10 Everything in Bangtao Beach is the perfect way to introduce potential visitors to this superb and multi-faceted area of Phuket; here you’ll find the best attractions, dining, shopping, and nightlife entertainment options located along this five kilometer stretch of golden sand.

Top 10 Bangtao Hotels

Top 10 Bangtao Hotels

Bangtao is a multi-faceted holiday destination on Phuket Island’s west coast. Boasting the Laguna Phuket resort complex Read More...

Top 10 Attractions in Bangtao Beach

Top 10 Bangtao Attractions

Bangtao hosts some of the most magnificent hotels and resorts in the Laguna Phuket Complex, and apart from the beach Read More...

Top 10 Bangtao Restaurants

Top 10 Bangtao Restaurants

Discover the most quoted dining venues located along the beach of Bangtao. This list features internationally-recognised Read More...

Top 10 Bangtao Nightlife

Top 10 Bangtao Nightlife

Our Bangtao’s top 10 night spots’ list reflects the image of this beach’s atmosphere – from stylish beach clubs to Read More...

Top 5 Bangtao Shopping

Top 5 Bangtao Shopping

Our list of Top 5 Shopping destinations in Bangtao presents the most interesting stores located around Laguna Phuket Read More...


Phuket Town (officially renamed Phuket City in 2004) is the capital city and economical hub of Phuket in South Thailand. The city was created during the tin mining’s boom between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Today, Phuket Old Town is the witness of this era: the Sino-colonial district is the liveliest part of the city, a must-visit vintage area hosting trendy restaurants, boutiques and bars in 100-year-old houses and mansions.

Through time the city has grown around its original district; exponentially since the advent of tourism in the late ‘80s. Nevertheless, Phuket Town retains much of its Thainess and the charms of a small provincial town. With our knowledge and expertise, our Phuket Town Top 10 lists below make for the perfect introductions to this vibrant and fascinating area.

Top 10 Phuket Town Hotels

10 Best Hotels in Phuket Town

Phuket Town, the capital of this popular island province, inevitably has a vast choice of accommodation options. Our Read More...

Top 10 Phuket Town Attractions

Top 10 Phuket Town Attractions

Phuket Town is an attraction in itself. Our list of the Top 10 Attractions features all the important historical sites, Read More...

Top 10 Phuket Town Restaurants

Top 10 Phuket Town Restaurants

Phuket Town, as the capital of the Province of Phuket, is the largest agglomeration on the island and therefore hosts an Read More...

Top 10 Phuket Town Nightlife

Top 10 Phuket Town Nightlife

Our list of the Top 10 Night Spots in Phuket Town features cultural events, lady-boy shows, and from live Blues and Jazz Read More...

Top 10 Phuket Town Shopping

Top 10 Phuket Town Shopping

There's a huge choice of shopping opportunities in Phuket Town, including modern department stores, local markets, and Read More...

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