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Where can I buy fresh flowers in Phuket?

You can buy roses from wandering pedlars on Patong’s Bangla Road (and in other nightlife areas) most nights and there are flower stalls in most markets. There are also several large florists across Phuket, most of which offer a delivery service, including:

  • Florist Phuket: 130/125 Jomtao Road, Bangtao - +66 (0)62 334 4011.
  • FlowerFloristPhuket: 20/18 Vichitsongkram Road, Phuket Town - +66 (0)7 623 4801.
  • Rosa Rose Flowers: 89/2 Vichitsongkram Road, Near Phuket Country Club, Phuket Town - +66 (0)94 596 6111.

Can I buy and launch a floating lantern in Phuket?

There are almost always wandering vendors on the major beaches (especially Patong, Kata and Karon) selling floating lanterns. The price is usually no more than about 200 baht each and they’ll also help you light them. While the authorities are not keen on floating lanterns because of the risk of setting fires if they touch down inland, there is no law preventing their purchase and launch.

Are public shows of affection permitted in Phuket?

Thailand is a fairly conservative country, so big public shows of affection (such as enthusiastic kissing) are widely disapproved of, but not actually illegal. Anything more ‘risqué’ than kissing, if done in public, could be considered public indecency, which is illegal. Generally speaking, try to limit yourself to just holding hands in public and keep anything more private.

If it is properly registered and documented with the local authorities, then yes - it is a fully legal, globally recognised marriage. However, this is quite a complicated process and many wedding packages in Phuket do not include it. Be sure to check this with your wedding planner and check out our wedding section for more information. Read More...

Not especially so. There is quite a common scam concerning gemstones sold at a fraction of their normal price. If someone is offering you any jewellery for significantly less than you would expect to pay back home, it is probably fake.

It is worth noting that gold in Thailand is usually purer than you can find in western countries. This gives it a yellower appearance and it is also a bit softer. It is not noticeably cheaper, though. Read More...

Of Phuket’s many festivals, the most romantic is almost certainly Loy Krathong, in November of each year. It features huge numbers of floating lanterns – both sky lanterns and the traditional “krathongs” – and is a big night for couples, as they make a wish for long-lasting love. If their krathongs stay close together in the water, that’s a very good sign.

The Baba Wedding Festival  in Phuket Town, usually held in mid-June, is also quite romantic. It celebrates the traditions of the Thai-Chinese community of Phuket and features a mass wedding ceremony, which you can even take part in (for a fee). Read More...

What should I consider when booking a romantic hotel in Phuket?

A romantic hotel is one which sets the scene just right. That includes:

  • A location with a good view, either on a beach or a nice hillside spot
  • Privacy
  • A first-rate spa
  • At least one fine-dining restaurant
  • A large private balcony
  • A larger, comfortable bed.
  • Alternatively, take a look at our recommendations of the best romantic resorts around Phuket.
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